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Revision 5314, 1006 bytes checked in by cbyrom, 12 years ago (diff)

Improve look and feel of UI with tweaks to css + fix radio button
on search panel - set this explicitly as an input since htmlfill
doesn't handle the radio button defaults well + simplify template
logic for semantic search results + fix constraint summary string.

1<html py:extends="'../ndgPage.kid'" xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
2    <body>
3        <div id="SemanticSearchResults">
4            <span py:if="c.semAvailable">You could also try -
5                <span py:if="c.synonyms">
6                    synonym(s): <span py:for="i,url in c.synonyms"><a href="$url">$i</a>&nbsp;</span>
7                    <span py:if="c.narrower or c.broader">;</span>
8                </span>
9                <span py:if="c.narrower">
10                    narrower search(s): <span py:for="i,url in c.narrower"><a href="$url">$i</a>&nbsp;</span>
11                    <span py:if="c.broader">;</span>
12                </span>
13                <span py:if="c.broader">
14                    broader search(s): <span py:for="i,url in c.broader"><a href="$url">$i</a>&nbsp;</span>
15                </span>
16            </span>
17            <span py:if="not c.semAvailable">No alternatives available$c.semError</span>
18        </div>
19    </body>
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