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Revision 5158, 410 bytes checked in by cbyrom, 12 years ago (diff)

Add new home page for the browse service + implement usage of the
before methods on controllers to check if MILK is set up to
allow the various services before the controller methods are invoked.
Also add a top level default controller to redirect user to the correct
home page depending on the mode of operation + improve styles,
remove unused controller and move error template to more general top
level - for re-use across the MILK stack.

1<html xmlns=""
2        xmlns:py="" 
3        xmlns:xi="">
4        <xi:include href="../layout.html" />
5        <head>
6        <title py:content="c.title">title</title>
7    </head>
8        <body class="submit">
9        <div id="contents">
10            <div class="metadata">
11                            <h3>  $c.title </h3>
13                </div>
14            </div>
15    </body>
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