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Generalise existing methods to allow data entities to be looked up with
the same code as associated deployments data + add new templates to
display the DEs + extend the javascript to allow multiple callbacks
to retrieve the info + various tidy ups and fixes.

1<html lang="en" xmlns="" 
2        xmlns:py="" 
3        xmlns:xi="" py:strip="">
4        <xi:include href="atom_functions.html" />
5        <div py:if="c.atom.dataEntities" id="dataEntitiesData">
6                        <div py:replace="DataEntities(c.atom.dataEntities)"/>
7            </div>
8        <div py:if="not c.atom.dataEntities">
9                <table>
10                <tr><td><h3>Associated Data Entities - summary</h3></td></tr>
11                <tr><td>No related data entities found</td></tr>
12                </table></div>
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