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Retrieve the 'orderByFieldList' data from the discovery ws + add new
drop down to set the order by direction and implement the logic
for using this.

2 Module to store various constants used by the MILK stack
3 NB, the primary purpose of this is to separate these out from the controllers
4 so they can be used in the test suite to check results - and can be adjusted
5 without interfering with the actual code
7 @author: C Byrom, Tessella May 2009
9DIF_FEED = "dif"
10PUBLISHED_FEED = "published"
11DISCOVERY_FEED = "discovery"
13# different types of text input fields - used by templates.utils.EditTextField
14TEXT_FIELD = "text_field"
15TEXT_AREA = "text_area"
17# key to set in global dict, to show a pop up on page load - e.g. see feed_creator
18POP_UP_MESSAGE = "somethingToDisplay24524"
20# author to use in feed data that is created automatically by the MILK stack
21AUTO_AUTHOR = "Generated automatically by BADC system"
22DISCOVERY_ADMIN_AUTHOR = "Discovery service admin"
24# NB, this info should probably be retrieved from the discovery web service
25ORDER_BY_DIRECTION = ["ascending", "descending"]
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