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Restructure atom editor controllers - pulling out parent superclass
to allow re-use of shared code + use new routes names + add new method
to handle drop down setting up.

2 Module to store various constants used by the atom editor controller
3 NB, the primary purpose of this is to separate these out from the controllers
4 so they can be used in the test suite to check results
6 @author: C Byrom, Tessella Dec 2008
8ATOM_HOME_TITLE = "Atom Editor Home Page"
9EXAMPLE_GRANULITE_TITLE = "Example granulite file"
10LIST_ATOM_TITLE = 'Browse atoms'
11GRANULE_ASSOCIATION_TITLE = ' - to create associations with granule data'
12DEPLOYMENTS_ASSOCIATION_TITLE = ' - to create associations with deployment data'
13DEPLOYMENTS_DATA_ASSOCIATION_TITLE = ' - to create associations with activity/data production tool/observation station data'
14HELP_PAGE_TITLE = 'Atom Editor Help Page'
16NO_SEARCH_RESULTS = 'No data found for search selections'
17EDIT_TITLE = 'Editing [%s]'
18CREATE_ATOM_TITLE = 'Create new atom'
19OVERWRITE_GRANULE_ATOM = "- do you want to overwrite this with the granulite data?"
21# session variable flags - used during file uploads
23GRAN_FILE_VALUE = 'granFileValue'
24GRAN_FILE_NAME = 'granFileName'
25CSML_OR_CDML_FILE_VALUE = 'csmlOrCdmlFileValue'
26CSML_OR_CDML_FILE_NAME = 'csmlOrCdmlFileName'
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