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Amended for V1.02 of NDB MetadataModel? schema and some extra fields.
New one-off xsls plus scripts to run them.

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1#!/usr/bin/env python
2"""This is a one-off to run siva_oneoff _mark2   xslt over xml files within given directory structure tree.
3    The output files have same name as input with _D for DIF appended.
5import string, os, sys
6numfilesproc = 0
8if len(sys.argv) ==1:                   #if no filenames are specified use current directory
9        filenames = os.listdir(os.curdir)
11        filenames = sys.argv[1:]
13for filename in filenames:
14        if filename.find('.xml') != -1:
15                outfile=string.split(filename,'.xml')[0] + '_D.xml'
16                commandline = "java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -IN %s -XSL siva_oneoff_ndg_to_dif_2.xsl -OUT %s" %(filename, outfile)
17                print commandline
18                os.system(commandline)
19                numfilesproc += 1
20        else:
21                print 'File %s is not xml format. Not processed'  %filename
23print " Procedure run_siva_oneoff_2  ran to end"
24print "No. of files processed = %s" %numfilesproc
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