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In progress changes to make csml2kml compatible with the HiGEM WMS (i.e. WMSs
based on the latest pylons stack). See the new config file for the WMS to
test on.

There are a couple of work arounds marked as "#!TODO" that need cleaning up.

2  <WMSRequest>
3    <URL></URL>
4    <ServiceVersion>1.1.1</ServiceVersion>
5    <ImageFormat>image/png</ImageFormat>
6    <ImageWidth>960</ImageWidth>
7    <ImageHeight>480</ImageHeight>
8    <CRS>EPSG:4326</CRS>
9  </WMSRequest>
10  <OutputRootDirectory>/home/users/mkochan/svn-root/kml/kml-output/</OutputRootDirectory>
11  <ServerRootDirectory></ServerRootDirectory>
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