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Started writing the WMSCapabilities.BottomWMSLayer.toKML() method. Added (as far empty) class WMSCapabilities.View.

1[x] long term task
2[+] curious about
3[.] minor issue
4[o] important but can wait
5[O] current/urgent
8|| WMSLayersConvertor ___/
10[O] Create an active class that takes in the Layers XML and a config file and spits out either a single KML file
11    or a directory structure with KML files as leaves.
12[o] Consider whether it is appropriate for WMSLayersConvertor to be in the "csml2kml" package, given that it
13     does *not* involve CSML along the way (possibly CSML could later get involved, so better to keep it as an example).
14[o] For now, keeping a config file (using 'ar4.conf.xml'), for some stuff at least, but consider whether not to dump this
15    and pass everything in Python -- consult with Stephen during presentation.
18|| * ___/
20[o] Write functionality for reading in XML effectively and resolving namespaces.
21[o] Make the "tests" contain 3 dirs: python, testdata, and testoutputs; for that reason probably move "tests"
22    from the CSML2KML egg and create a separate, testing, egg.
23[o] Put into ~/eggs a dynamic link to the CSML2KML, and the path from $PYTHONPATH -- this is a more "always-ready" approach.
24[o] Update Wiki. Split into two parts:
25    * what normally would be a Software Design Document (something that a programmer would to get a broad idea
26      about code before looking at it, including how to run the tests).
27    * what normally would be a Software Installation Guide.
28    * can designate individual classes as "active" or "passive" classes. All the classes which are there
29      as representations of some XML tags are passive: they just wrap XML, and expect all information from
30      the outside. But classes such as GridSeriesConvertor are active -- they actually perform the conversion.
31[o] Update documentation -- make sure all Python files have headers, and all functions' headers
32    have the @param (mentioning types) and @return tags.
33[o] Resolve slow functioning of wget()
34[o] Use Element.find(...) in parsing XML -- investigate how to do it easily with namespaces
35    (otherwise need code to translate between the "namespace:name" notation and "{namespace_path}name" notation).
36    Currently code is parsed so that changing order of XML elements will break it -- not very robust.
38[x] Resolve security in pylons controllers
39[x] Possibility of clicking on a globe and getting info for a certain feature (i.e. the value profile for that
40    location) -- Dominic said there is a function in the CSML API which allows doing that -- investigate
41[x] Superimposing PointSeries locations onto WMS-generated grid
43[+] Assertion and type checking in Python
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