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Re-tested GridSeriesConvertor?

[3291]1[x] long term task
[3292]2[+] curious about
[3290]3[.] minor issue
4[o] important but can wait
5[O] current/urgent
[3293]10[O] Add, make KMLDocument descended from KMLElement, de-ambiguize to KMLWholeDocument,
[3325]11    rename to
15[+] Assertion and type checking in Python
[3298]16[o] Resolve slow functioning of wget()
[3290]17[o] Resolve outstanding issues in pylons controllers
[3291]18[.] Consider issues with visibility and open tags for elements -- how should they be set?
19[x] Possibility of clicking on a globe and getting info for a certain feature (i.e. the value profile for that
20    location) -- Dominic said there is a function in the CSML API which allows doing that -- investigate
21[x] Superimposing PointSeries locations onto WMS-generated grid
[3325]22[x] Changing GridSeries conversion so that it uses the KMLDocument module -- also needs to be changed.
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