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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
uml 3938   11 years lawrence EA file addition.
TI13-DataProvider 1053   13 years spascoe Those packages that are automatically installed with setuptools are now …
TI12-security 6299   10 years pjkersha Fixed AuthKit? dependency for ndg_security_server egg.
TI11-ClientPackage 572   14 years selatham making the trunk for TI11
TI10-WorkingGrid 1721   13 years ko23 eXist releases for Tomcat - 20061024
TI09-UKCollaboration 5120   11 years spascoe formatting
TI08-IntCollaboration 563   14 years selatham making the trunk for TI08
TI07-MOLES 3149   12 years mpritcha quick fix to DPPP problem. Better solution reading xqueries from external …
TI06-vocabulary 561   14 years selatham making the trunk for TI06
TI05-delivery 5354   10 years sdonegan Renamed remotely
TI04-geosplat 1660   13 years astephen Version with overlay of trajectories on top of model fields draft version …
TI03-DataExtractor 2875   12 years astephen Doing it a different way - from svn_dx sub-folder on titania.
TI02-CSML 4235   11 years domlowe deleting rest of CSML code from old repository - now moved to …
TI01-discovery-OaiInfoEditor 6315   10 years sdonegan Created folder remotely
TI01-discovery-Ingest 6275   10 years sdonegan switch to official tagged version
TI01-discovery-API 6307   10 years mpritcha Implemented getList and defined more constants. Tidied formatting.
TI01-discovery 6312   10 years sdonegan added method to extract datasetID ..doh
TI00-utils 1828   13 years spascoe Changed config reading rules. You can now set NDG_HOME to override …
qesdi 6314   10 years pnorton Fixed a problem with the default limits always starting form 0.
ndgCommon 6306   10 years sdonegan Fixed problem with nested CI_date - xquery brackets 1 out!
NDG1_archive 1360   13 years selatham Archiving the last bits in Document_handling directory
nappy 5906   10 years astephen removed
MSI 5460   10 years sdonegan Updated to allow updates to main discovery database for ordering ny linked …
moles 5260   10 years lawrence Latest version including CSML3 relationships.
MILK 6058   10 years sdonegan updated path to bg image - needs services mountpoint in it
isenes 5449   10 years spascoe Noting dependencies I needed to install on my Ubuntu system before it …
exist 5371   10 years lawrence Fixes to the underlying utils for handling the vocab server interface. …
DPPP 5813   10 years mpritcha initial import of dppp_res
cowsserver 6149   10 years pnorton Increased revision number.
cowsclient 6191   10 years domlowe modifying cowsclient so that client does not need to use security wsgi …
cows_wps 6303   10 years astephen added
cows 6305   10 years domlowe Changes to wfs backend to support point series subsetting in wfs interface
CommonItems 1516   13 years domlowe adding plugin code to svn
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