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TI03-DataExtractor 2875   14 years astephen Doing it a different way - from svn_dx sub-folder on titania.
nappy 3005   14 years astephen Consolidation of titania version under DX with proper source in trunk of …
TI04-geosplat 1660   15 years astephen Version with overlay of trajectories on top of model fields draft version …
CommonItems 1516   15 years domlowe adding plugin code to svn
TI02-CSML 3144   14 years domlowe fixed bounding box aggregation code
TI10-WorkingGrid 1721   15 years ko23 eXist releases for Tomcat - 20061024
TI05-delivery 3142   14 years lawrence Fix for ticket:918
exist 3150   14 years lawrence woops, we didn't include elementtree itself.
TI07-MOLES 3149   14 years mpritcha quick fix to DPPP problem. Better solution reading xqueries from external …
TI01-discovery 3148   14 years mpritcha Added DPPP to scopeList
TI12-security 3145   14 years pjkersha python/www/html/sessionMgr.wsdl, …
NDG1_archive 1360   15 years selatham Archiving the last bits in Document_handling directory
TI06-vocabulary 561   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI06
TI11-ClientPackage 572   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI11
TI09-UKCollaboration 565   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI09
TI08-IntCollaboration 563   15 years selatham making the trunk for TI08
TI13-DataProvider 1053   15 years spascoe Those packages that are automatically installed with setuptools are now …
TI00-utils 1828   15 years spascoe Changed config reading rules. You can now set NDG_HOME to override …
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