Metafor 1.4

Being a discussion of the status of metafor as of early March 2010, in the context of what MOLES can learn from Metafor. (There is much that Metafor needs to learn from MOLES too)

  • Metafor has developed a common information model, that in the 1.4 development branch looks like  this figure.
  • Metafor instances are created in a variety of ways:  diagram
  • The questionnaire has been built with django, with a hand crafted  model, which
  • This procedure works, but we want to proceed to BODC vocabularies, but issue with key, value attributes and constraints are difficult to handle: e.g. vocabulary attributes diagram Download

Metafor V1.4 will be finalised in the next few weeks so the questionnaire will be able to collect and produce data for  CMIP5 which will be displayed in the U.S engineered portal for the Earth System Grid.

Metafor V2.0

Will be finalised by end of Feburary 2011, and is intended to be GML compliant, and preferably consistent with the MOLES structure, although there may be some implications for MOLES.


  • Vocabularies.png Download (170.9 KB) - added by lawrence 10 years ago. Possible future architecture of internal questionnaire representation of vocabularies
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