Getting Started

(This page is under construction. Some of the heading are aspirational and don't reflect things you can do now).

This page describes MOLES V3. Previous versions are not yet documented.

Information Modelling

The development of MOLES follows the ISO information modelling paradigm described in  ISO19103 and  ISO19109.

To understand and make contributions to MOLES information modelling it is necessary to build an  Enterprise Architect (EA) view of the MOLES information model.

There are three steps to this:

  1. Load a copy of the harmonised ISO model from the  HollowWorld UML repository into EA.
  2. Load a copy of MOLES into your model, and
  3. Start browsing the MOLES information model!

Getting Started With HollowWorld

 HollowWorld provides UML packages covering the entire gamut of ISO standards necessary to develop standards compliant profiles and applications.

The methodology for getting HollowWorld into EA is fully detailed  here. For the record, this procedure also works under linux, using the  svngate technology.

Getting Started with MOLES

MOLES V3 is defined in UML via an XMI package description loaded on our repository: xmifile

The method for loading that into your model will appear here shortly.

Making Contributions

Please join the email list to discuss MOLES, and potentially this trac instance (if you want to make subversion commits and/or ticket/wiki page changes).

Building your own MOLES

Some instructions will eventually appear here.

MOLES Software

Will depend on the evolution of code deployed for V2.

Deploying MOLES

Will depend on code yet to be developed.

Exporting to ISO19115

Will depend on scripts yet to be developed.

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