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An identifiable activity designed to accomplish a set of objectives.


A typical sequence of data capturing involves one or more projects under which a number of further activities are undertaken, using appropriate tools and methods to produce the datasets.

EXAMPLE 1 The UK Surface Ocean /Lower Atmosphere Study (UK SOLAS) was a Directed Mode programme of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) . The overall aim of UK SOLAS was to advance understanding of environmentally significant interactions between the atmosphere and ocean, focusing on material exchanges that involve ocean productivity, atmospheric composition and climate.

NOTE 1 A project may be a member of a complex of parent- and sub-projects.

EXAMPLE 2 The UK SOLAS Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory , a sub-project of UK SOLAS, existed to advance understanding of climatically significant interactions between the atmosphere and ocean and to provide a regional focal point and long-term data context for SOLAS field campaigns. The observatory was based on Calhau Island of Vicente, Cape Verde in the tropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

NOTE 2 A project has zero to many associated observations.

NOTE 3 A project contibutes to zero or more Observation collections.

Other Notes

This class is used to provide a context for observations.

Currently we want attributes of:

  • title
  • organisationS
    • funder
    • deliverer ...
    • data archive
  • People
  • PI
  • I(This)Metadata Owner
  • Project Contact Person
  • description
  • specific outbound link to data management plan (attribute name: dmp?)
  • list of outbound links for more details about the project (ticket:15 type issue) (VIVO, Cerif or whatever) (ticket:15 suggests we use ci_onlineresource) (don't need a link to the data itself as an attribute ... that'll end up in the serialised attribute via the association)
  • identifierS, eg (via MD_Identifier reference number and reference number type)
  • keywords in (name,vocab) pairs?
  • status (yettostart,started,ongoing,finished) (Difference between started and ongoing: the latter has no expected finishing date, perhaps we need a better set of terms)

Decisions to be made

  • Does it point to observations, or do observations point to it? This could be dealt with via either@
    • Is it a specialisation of observation context? (In which case we have to specialise Observation), or
    • Do we point to the observations (in which case this wouldn't necessarily need a specialisation, and the observation context could still be used to provide a search clue back to project).
    • Answers: No it's not an observation or obs context, because it exists before any obs of any sort.
    • There is an issue (how do we deal with the associations between obs and project, in the context of observation collectoins, and then what do we do with the context then).
  • How does MOLES point out to remote information? (ticket:15)
    • Not an issue here.
  • What associated codelists/vocabularies (if any) are associated with this class?
    • see above.
  • Where do data management plans go? Should a DMP be associated with this class? If so, how do we encode DMPs? Free text?
    • It's a link! But an named one
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