CRIS:The Current Research Information System project.

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CRIS has developed CERIF (the Common European Research Information Format) which is a formal model to support the management of Research Information by enabling the set up of and the interoperation between Research Information Systems. Research Information is information about research entities such as People, Projects, Organisations, Publications, Patents, Products, Funding, or Equipment and the relationships between them.

Mostly it's about the information that one might want to keep as part of a record of research outputs (as opposed to a description of the outputs). However, there are some useful bits, and in the spirit of the MOLES coathanger, we should probably provide entry points.

If we start with the overall cerif structure:

The main structures of the CERIF model

we can see that we have the green concepts, and a much richer relationship between them and data products & instruments, but we don't have a clear concept of result publications, nor a clear relationship between projects and funding.

CERIF also controls the links between these entities:

The link relationships in the CERIF model

with controlled vocabularies, like this one:

The controlled vocab for the relationship between org units and result/publications.


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