10:11 meeting101216 created by lawrence
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09:40 Ticket #18 (role of moles attributes) closed by lawrence
duplicate: I think this is close enough to a duplicate of ticket:15 to get closed!
09:39 Ticket #22 (Investigate how we can exploit CRIS) closed by lawrence
fixed: The decision at the 101216 meeting? was to use an …
09:37 Milestone FebMtg completed
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11:40 Ticket #53 (Create a mapping from MOLES2 to MOLES3.X) created by lawrence
As a walk through to make sure our modelling is correct.
11:38 Ticket #52 (Investigate MOLES2 for attributes and classes) created by lawrence
We have interesting things in MOLES2 that we are overloading with RDFa in …
11:17 MO_Project edited by lawrence
11:00 Ticket #46 (Role of SpatialSamplingFeature and attribute EXtent of Coverage) closed by lawrence
fixed: Consider an example: a moles observation record for a 100 member …
10:45 Ticket #48 (MOLES result) reopened by lawrence
(oops, decision made, close ticket when in UML)
10:45 Ticket #48 (MOLES result) closed by lawrence
fixed: So we solve this by creating a MO_Result class which consists of 1 to many …


14:33 Ticket #51 (Process Profile from O&M and ISO 19115) created by sventour
At the current version of MOLES 3.4 we specialise the OM_Process to …
11:37 MO_Facility created by lawrence
11:31 Ticket #50 (Finalise MO_Facility) created by lawrence
MOLES draws an important distinction between platforms and facilities. We …
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11:06 Changeset [149] by sventour
Check-in: 15/12/2010 11:06:03
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10:58 MO_Project created by lawrence
10:51 Ticket #15 (how do we implement outbound links?) reopened by lawrence
Actually, I think this is the same issue that is now being addressed for …
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17:11 Changeset [148] by sventour
Check-in: 14/12/2010 17:10:48


18:19 Changeset [147] by sventour
Check-in: 29/11/2010 18:18:40


14:08 Changeset [146] by sventour
Copying 3.4 examples directory from branch to trunk
02:31 Changeset [145] by sjdcox
remove disentangling artefact
01:20 Changeset [144] by sjdcox
Check-in: 25/11/2010 9:20:00 AM Old working copy
01:19 Changeset [143] by sjdcox
need to commit this temporarily to untangle my VC


10:31 Changeset [142] by sventour
Check-in: 24/11/2010 10:30:51 MOLES3.4 moved at trunk
09:52 Changeset [141] by sventour


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16:00 Ticket #49 (MO_Source Class) created by sventour
Finilising MO_Source - in parallel or after after the finilisising of …
15:55 Ticket #45 (MO_ObservationCollection) closed by sventour
15:21 Ticket #48 (MOLES result) created by sventour
Defining the concept of MOLES result and the classes to model it.
15:17 Ticket #47 (MOLES Computation) created by sventour
Finalasing of MO_Computation class according to ISO 19156 and Metafor
15:13 Ticket #46 (Role of SpatialSamplingFeature and attribute EXtent of Coverage) created by sventour
Carification of the role of SpatialSamplingFeature? and attribute Extent of …
15:04 Ticket #45 (MO_ObservationCollection) created by sventour
Define the attributes of MO_ObservationCollection
14:58 Ticket #44 (MOLES Observation class) created by sventour
In ISO 19156 there are the following specialisations of OM_Observation …
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