10:24 Ticket #21 (Add rest of the tickets arising from MOLES workshop when users have been ...) closed by lawrence
10:23 Ticket #32 (walk through a discovery and selection use case) created by lawrence
This was requested by Tim Duffy, and we should present how we might use …
10:13 Ticket #11 (Fitness for purpose of process package detail) closed by lawrence
wontfix: We now have a MO_Computation, and some new issues as to the relationships …
10:09 WikiStart edited by spascoe
Fixed intertrac link to MOLES2 by hardcoding the URL. Intertrac appears … (diff)
10:03 Milestone V3.2 XSD Serialisation completed
MOLES 3.2 needs to be serialisable into XML schema via …
10:01 Milestone V3.2 UML Final completed
Final version of the UML information model for MOLES 3.2
08:59 Changeset [29] by lawrence
Adding a branch to investigate Spiros's ideas as v3.3. We'll not modify …
08:56 Changeset [28] by lawrence
Tagging rev 27 (Simon's last commit from Australia) as Moles V3.2


04:39 Changeset [27] by sjdcox
Static versions of diagrams for easy overview
02:03 Ticket #24 (Evaluation of Metafor procedures) closed by sjdcox
fixed: Report attached. Note that the report makes particular reference to the …


01:08 Changeset [26] by sjdcox
Check-in: 25/06/2009 8:08:00 AM Minor changes to diagrams


08:52 Changeset [25] by sjdcox
Check-in: 24/06/2009 3:52:03 PM Synched label on field-trip - observation …
08:48 Changeset [24] by sjdcox
Check-in: 24/06/2009 3:47:46 PM Fixed type of P-Wansfell
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