16:59 Changeset [16] by lawrence
Two examples from Spiros
10:39 Changeset [15] by sjdcox
Check-in: 16/06/2009 5:36:26 PM After telecon with Bryan and Spiros …
10:31 Ticket #25 (can we make journey abstract) closed by sjdcox
fixed: Yes, it always was as far as I was concerned. Renamed FlightOrCruise?


05:48 Changeset [14] by sjdcox
Check-in: 15/06/2009 12:47:19 PM Fixed all package, class and property …


10:42 Changeset [13] by sjdcox
Check-in: 12/06/2009 5:41:21 PM Set package tagged-values
09:22 Changeset [12] by sjdcox
Check-in: 12/06/2009 4:21:41 PM changed stereotype for Utilities and …
06:47 Changeset [11] by sjdcox
2009-06-11 version (after resolving SVN access troubles?)


06:26 Changeset [10] by lawrence
"play" branch modified to include a draft numerical activity and a union …


11:16 Ticket #31 (observations and observation collections) created by lawrence
I think we want to have observation collections as things holding common …
11:09 Ticket #30 (time attributes on moles entities) created by lawrence
Not sure why we have different time objects on different entities, in …


16:32 Changeset [9] by lawrence
See first substantive comment on ticket:8


15:50 Ticket #29 (what do we do with numerical activities?) created by lawrence
In the old days (i.e MOLES 1), we had data production tools including …
14:14 Changeset [8] by lawrence
Introducing MO_Annotation, MO_Funding, a utility and a vocab package for …
12:54 MolesGettingStarted edited by lawrence
09:44 MolesGettingStarted created by lawrence
initial getting started page
09:04 WikiStart edited by lawrence
link to instructions for moles information modelling (diff)


16:59 Ticket #28 (Why do we need MO_Project?) created by lawrence
Currently, MO_Project differs from * MO_Deployment because it has a …


15:56 Ticket #27 (document how to get setup with moles under EA) created by lawrence
i.e. point to the hollow world pages, and reprise how to get things loaded …
10:06 MolesIntro edited by lawrence
10:05 MolesIntro edited by lawrence
10:03 Changeset [7] by lawrence
Getting some diagrams in the repository on their own, so we have material …
10:02 MolesIntro created by lawrence
09:26 WikiStart edited by lawrence
09:15 CRIS edited by lawrence
09:15 CRIS edited by lawrence
09:10 Changeset [6] by sjdcox
Check-in: 29/05/2009 4:09:44 PM Inheritance from ISO classes re-inserted …
09:07 Ticket #26 (the missing 'Event' entity) created by lawrence
The discussion in the attached email, along with a quick look at CRIS, and …
08:59 CRIS edited by lawrence
08:58 CRIS edited by lawrence
08:57 cerif-link-eg.jpg attached to CRIS by lawrence
The controlled vocab for the relationship between org units and …
08:56 cerif-link-entities.jpg attached to CRIS by lawrence
The link relationships in the CERIF model
08:56 cerif-main-structure.jpg attached to CRIS by lawrence
The main structures of the CERIF model
08:55 CRIS created by lawrence


13:35 Ticket #25 (can we make journey abstract) created by lawrence
I never want to see the word journey in a moles document, but I appreciate …
10:12 Changeset [5] by sjdcox
Fix VCCFG value
10:09 Changeset [4] by sjdcox
Put moles3 in BADC SVN


10:03 Ticket #24 (Evaluation of Metafor procedures) created by lawrence
As part of the moles effort, we have commissioned Simon Cox to look at the …


17:25 Ticket #23 (Convert BODC Moles V1.3 into MOLES 3.X) created by lawrence
Ray provided us with a directory full of these. Given how things have gone …
13:51 Ticket #22 (Investigate how we can exploit CRIS) created by lawrence
Can we, should we, expose anything from the Current Research Information …
10:12 Changeset [3] by lawrence
Initial Layout
10:03 WikiStart edited by lawrence
09:48 Ticket #21 (Add rest of the tickets arising from MOLES workshop when users have been ...) created by lawrence
Bryan has notes …
09:46 Ticket #20 (Design Atom Schema Encoding for MOLES3) created by lawrence
We need to work out what the atom schema actually looks like!
09:45 Ticket #19 (establish the importance of networks in MOLES) created by lawrence
Given we have stations and platforms, what is the role and place of …
09:44 Ticket #18 (role of moles attributes) created by lawrence
Many (if not all) of the interesting attributes of MOLES classes will be …
09:41 Ticket #17 (walk through a MOLES browse use case) created by lawrence
How will MOLES add value over and above normal discovery metadata. Need …
09:24 Ticket #16 (how does MOLES relate to controlled vocabularies) created by lawrence
How can we suitably identify a term as belonging to a remote controlled …
09:23 Ticket #15 (how do we implement outbound links?) created by lawrence
One of the key issues for MOLES is how it works as a "coathanger". In …
09:21 Ticket #14 (do we need mo_activity?) created by lawrence
Do we need MO_Activity? It is not used in the model at present, though we …
09:19 Ticket #13 (place of keywords) created by lawrence
Currently we have the NaturalEnvironmentFeatureType which intended to …
09:18 Ticket #12 (SensorML and ISO19115 part 2 - implications) created by lawrence
We also need to document our thoughts on potentially incompatible mappings …
09:17 Ticket #11 (Fitness for purpose of process package detail) created by lawrence
We've not really explored the process package in our use cases, and so …
09:13 Ticket #10 (Moles White paper suitable for a journal) created by lawrence
09:10 Ticket #9 (Need a MOLES instance related to river flow/hydrology.) created by lawrence
09:09 Ticket #8 (Need to do a MOLES instance for GRAPE) created by lawrence
GRAPE: Global Retrieval of ATSR cloud properties and evaluation!
09:08 Ticket #7 (Complete Nic's story: the ECN MOLES instance example) created by lawrence
09:05 Ticket #6 (Implement class maps for Atom serialisation in FullMoon) created by lawrence
09:05 Ticket #5 (Implement xqueries for Atom serialisation in FullMoon) created by lawrence
09:03 Ticket #4 (Design test cases for Full Moon serialisation of MOLES to atom) created by lawrence
09:01 Ticket #3 (MOLES WHEN) created by lawrence
One of the requirements is to come up with a lightweight serialisation for …
08:57 Ticket #2 (Identify and tag suitably within the UML, independently referenceable ...) created by lawrence
This is about working out what objects could to be serialised into atom …
08:48 Ticket #1 (test moles schema in full moon) created by lawrence
We need to find out what, if any, issues will arise with …
06:38 WikiStart edited by lawrence
Initial Front Page (diff)
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