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CEDA Development Wiki for IS-ENES JRA5/SA2

THIS WIKI IS DEPRECATED All new content should be moved to other wikis as follows:

  1. The  CMIP5 page on the GO-ESSP wiki for content relevant to the CMIP5 archive architecture and work with ESG-CET.
  2. The  IS-ENES SA2/JRA4 wiki for content directly relevant to IS-ENES, including european installations of ESG components.
  3. The  CMIP5 Page on the BADC wiki for internal BADC content.

Old Content

This Wiki documents the work undergoing at the  British Atmospheric Data Centre towards work packages JRA5 and SA2 of the European  IS-ENES project. It is in no way an replaces the official of the IS-ENES project website.

Major Components

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