Building an ESG data node

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In order to evaluate the tools Earth System Grid will be using for the CMIP5 archive we are assempling the ESG data node software on the machine


Our knowledge of the ESG software components is limited to what is documented on the  ESG Wiki (relevent documentation is replicated below). We can divide the components we are aware of into the following categories

Base Components
PostgreSQL, CDAT, Apache Tomcat
Data Services
THREDDS, LAS (we will NOT be building LAS)
Grid Services
Globus toolkit -- MyProxy, GridFTP
ESG Components
Python esgcet package

Principles for assembling components

  1. If they are available as part of the SuSE 11 distribution, use the package manager /sbin/yast2. E.g. PostgreSQL.
  2. Otherwise attempt to build from source. Place source in /usr/local/src and installations in /usr/local/<component-version>. Symbolically link to /usr/local/<component>
  3. When the OS needs to be aware of new shared libraries place library directories in /etc/ld.sp.conf.d/esg.conf. Use ldconfig to update the system (see the manual page for details).
  4. Document fully the installation and configuration process on a wiki page FooComponent, tagged with BadcEsgNode.


Install and Configure ESG Base Components
Install and Configure Data Services Components
Install and Configure Grid Components
Install and Configure ESG-specific Components

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See EsgDataNodeDoc for a copy of PCMDI's data node documentation.