Fixes in release 1.1

July 29th: Ill-formed file names cause an exception with an error message which is meaningless to users.

Fixed in revision 199 on trunk (version 1.1.1); also changed default location of "cccc_atMapLog.txt" to avoid collisions when multiple users using the code on the same machine.

July 30th: Check for uniqueness of tracking id

Revision 200: Preliminary implementation: check is run, but not reported in the logs with other errors.

July 31st: problem with type "double"

Revision 201,202: 'double' now treated as equivalent to 'float64'.

Sept. 4th: changes to SPECS specifications

Revision 204: modifications to global attributes, file name and directory structure.

Sept. 9th: changes to and

Revision 219: improving analysis of MIP tables to support creation of clean and consistent tables.