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Select CMIP5 Files process

The  Select CMIP5 Files process lets you select CMIP5 files for later use with other CMIP5 processes.

1. Selecting files

In order to select files from the CMIP5 dataset archive, the user needs to choose values for each one of the boxes bellow.
The available values are listed when the user clicks in each box, starting from the top one.


2. Output

By clicking the "Submit" button (not shown in this image) the WPS will run the SelectCMIP5Files process,
which will eventually return a window similar to the one bellow.

An email with the same information is also sent to the user.

3. Using the selected files with other CMIP5 processes

By clicking the "Send to CMIP5Regridder" or the "Send to CMIP5GlobalAverager" link the user will be directed to the webpages of the Regridder or of the Averager process.
In that webpage, the "FileGroupURL" box will be already filled in with the web address of the file containing the paths of the CMIP5 files selected above.
The user may want to copy this web address and use it with any other CMIP5 process.