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CMIP5 Time Averager

The  CMIP5 Time Averager computes arithmetic means along the time dimension of selected CMIP5 files.

1. Selecting files

In order to select files from the CMIP5 dataset archive, the user needs to choose values for each one of the boxes bellow.

a) Using Input File Paths parameter

For example, you can paste in the following paths:


The use of this parameter requires you to know the exact path of the CMIP5 files you want to use.

b) Using Input Job Id parameter

If you paste in the Job Identifier of a previous completed CMIP5 process then the output files of that process will be used here as input files. If you do not know the exact path of the files you want to use or you do not want to use files outputted by a previous process, then the best way to select files is by using the process called Select CMIP5 Files or the process called Select CMIP5 File Group .

c) Using Select CMIP5 Files and Select CMIP5 File Group processes

These processes allow the user to select CMIP5 files from a set of models and ensemble members for a given experiment, variable and time period.
These processes return a webpage.
Use the link "Send to" to send the selected files to any one of the other CMIP5 processes.

d) Using "With File Selection" named processes.

In these processes the user does the selection of files as in c) above and submit the job in the same webpage.

2. Submit your job

This is a two step operation:

a) You need to click the "Submit" button at the end of the process page to proceed.
In return you are given the details of your command and an estimation of the volume of the output files and the time needed to compute them.
Please note that these are estimates and should only be interpreted as such.
You will be then asked if you are happy with the details of your command.

b) If you are happy with the details of your request please click again the "Submit" button to submit your request to the WPS scheduler.
You will be forwarded to the "job viewer" page at this point.
Note that large jobs may take a long time so you may wish to navigate away from this page: the WPS will continue to run your job regardless.

3. Downloading Output Files

Once the job has completed, or if for some reason it failed during processing, the WPS will refresh the "job viewer" page with all information necessary to download your data or resubmit your job.

It also notifies you by e-mail.

The e-mail will include a URL that links to a page from which you can download the output files from your job, and various text files with your outputs: a request metadata, disclaimer and various log files.