Using PBS scheduler to compute your diagnostics

Odds and ends

Restarting a job that ran out of scheduled time

While different models should have the same data structure on the ESG they all have different horizontal resolutions and even sometimes vertical resolutions. For a given diagnostic, this leads to different computational time requirements. Because the PBS submission system requires the user to request computational time in advance, a user of the CDB should specify a ressource requirement that allows the diagnostic to be performed on the highest resolution model outputs. If a user fails to do so and request too little time, the diagnostic will be performed only on the lower resolution models. The high resolution models will simply exit mid computation. If the user has been careful to output regularly to CDB_OUT_DIR then it will be possible to restart a diagnostic.

At the moment, however, this feature has not been fully implemented. It is expected that in the near future there will be a simple method to restart a job than ran out of time.