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Installing the CDB


Downloading the package

  • The package can be found in the main download
  • This package requires sample diagnostics

Setting up the environment

  • Unpack the the package in your root directory and add the following line pointing to its location to your .bashrc:
    export CDB_ROOT_DIR="home/$USER/CDB"

If the package is put in another directory, modify this line accordingly.

  • Create a BASH header file. This file should then be placed in in the source directory $CDB_SOURCE_DIR. For example, on CICLAD, the following works well:
    export CDB_CDO_PATH="/home/$USER/local/cdo/bin"
    export CDB_NCO_PATH="/home/$USER/local/nco/bin"
    export CDB_PYTHON_PATH="/home/$USER/local/bin"
    export CDB_DIAG_DIR="$CDB_ROOT_DIR/diags"
    export CDB_SCRIPT_DIR="$CDB_ROOT_DIR/scripts"
    export CDB_SOURCE_DIR="$CDB_ROOT_DIR/driver"
    export CDB_IN_DIR="/data/$USER/CDB/in"
    export CDB_OUT_DIR="/data/$USER/CDB/out"
    export CDB_TEMP_DIR="/data/$USER/CDB/temp/$USER"
    export CDB_DATA_DIR="/prodigfs/esg/CMIP5/merge"
  • Finally, put the sample diagnostics in the diagnostics directory CDB_DIAG_DIR.