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Climate Diagnostics Benchmark Draft Documentation

The climate diagnostics benchmark, or CDB, is a subcomponent of the ExArch project in support of "Work Package 3: Climate Diagnostics".

It has been developed in 2011-2012 at the University of Toronto by  Frédéric Laliberté in collaboration with  Paul Kushner. It was tested on the CICLAD compute server at the IPSL and on the login nodes at BADC. This wiki section is being maintained by  Frédéric Laliberté and any question should be directed to him.

The CDB is intended to provide a simple framework to write CMIP5-oriented climate diagnostics scripts. Its aims are:

  • Simplify the development of climate diagnostics on ESG servers
  • Benchmark a server-side computing framework
  • Help in the timely delivery of model intercomparisons

CDB documentation:

  1. Overview of scope and structure.
  2. Installation instructions
  3. Tutorial
  4. Advanced features
    1. Available models
    2. PBS submission
    3. Fixing an incomplete dataset
    4. Using an output in another computation
  5. Notes on Quality Assurance issues.
  6. Notes on performance and benchmarking.