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12:38 Changeset [182] by spascoe
Create tag 1.0
12:38 Changeset [181] by spascoe
Preparing for release 1.0pre1
12:08 Changeset [180] by mjuckes
merged from branches-mnj (which was branched from branches-sp)
11:56 Changeset [179] by mjuckes
Added user installation script


18:14 PackageCedaccInstall created by mjuckes
17:39 PackageFCC edited by mjuckes


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17:40 Changeset [178] by mjuckes
config changedś merged for comp_mip.py
17:06 Changeset [177] by mjuckes
merged changes in extractMipInfo


23:06 Changeset [176] by mjuckes
class declarations and exceptions fixed
17:18 Changeset [175] by astephen
summary.py in branch-mnj updated to be accessible through ceda_cc --sum …
13:36 PackageCedaccReleases created by mjuckes
13:30 PackageFCC edited by mjuckes
13:29 PackageFCC edited by mjuckes
11:30 Changeset [174] by astephen
Tagged version 0.1 (rev 172) created


16:13 Changeset [173] by spascoe
Merge branch 'master' into branch-sp
14:59 Changeset [172] by spascoe
Removing empty directories that have beem moved into the ceda_cc …
14:56 Changeset [171] by spascoe
Fixed documented module reference
14:51 Changeset [170] by spascoe
Added MANIFEST.in to ensure config files are packaged correctly
14:51 Changeset [169] by spascoe
Removing lock file
14:51 Changeset [168] by spascoe
Add standard STFC license
14:03 Changeset [167] by spascoe
Added an option to copy the configuration directory to a user-defined …
14:03 Changeset [166] by spascoe
Adding documentation on installing. Fixing distribution name.
13:31 Changeset [165] by astephen
updated to allow for absent 'product' attribute in SPECS data


22:42 Changeset [164] by spascoe
Added a minimal setup.py which creates the script "ceda-cc" as an …
22:42 Changeset [163] by spascoe
Moving config dir inside the package dir


17:32 Changeset [162] by spascoe
Allow configurable location of the configuration file directory. Either …
16:56 Changeset [161] by spascoe
Moving configuration files into a separate directory
16:56 Changeset [160] by spascoe
Moving code into a Python package directory
16:47 Changeset [159] by spascoe
Create branch for Stephen Pascoe's development
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