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(edit) @690   4 years mjuckes CCMI table updated
(edit) @616   4 years mjuckes fixed bug in treatment of CMOR variables with no standard name
(edit) @561   4 years mjuckes removed debug print statements
(edit) @560   4 years mjuckes fixed ccmi bug --- failure to deal with day table split into two files
(edit) @557   4 years apm Accidentally put in wrong directory
(edit) @556   4 years apm Create a branch at revision 555 of ceda-cc
(edit) @549   4 years mjuckes bud associated with cdms2 treatment of absent missing_value fixed
(edit) @464   5 years mjuckes spelling correction in SPECS exptFamily.txt
(edit) @456   5 years mjuckes additions for CCI
(edit) @455   5 years mjuckes cloud variable added
(edit) @428   5 years mjuckes updates for glob snow
(edit) @407   5 years mjuckes relaxed check on missing_values attribute for SPECS .. check went beyond …
(edit) @398   5 years mjuckes New module for calendar support ... test phase
(edit) @364   5 years mjuckes adapted to deal with DLR usage of id attribute ... for one dataset
(edit) @363   5 years mjuckes esa cci config additions
(edit) @362   5 years mjuckes added README file
(edit) @351   5 years mjuckes Minor change to CCMI1_satdaily
(edit) @350   5 years mjuckes modified config_c4 for nw ccmi table
(edit) @349   5 years mjuckes new ccmi table .. satdaily
(edit) @347   5 years astephen Updated as follows: - renamed class "main" to "LogSummariser?" …
(edit) @345   5 years astephen Removed superfluous code block. Added in a simple plural function to log …
(edit) @344   5 years mjuckes cleaned up glob snow variable detection; extra code for map file …
(edit) @343   5 years mjuckes cleared rogue print statement
(edit) @342   5 years astephen Added import of 'glob' module to overcome ImportError?.
(edit) @341   5 years astephen Updated MIP Tables for CORDEX with latest from GIT repository at: …
(edit) @340   5 years mjuckes updates to iso 8601 check and esa-cci config
(edit) @339   5 years astephen Added a new command-line argument: -l This specifies a text file …
(edit) @334   5 years astephen Updated mapping between "startdate" as expressed in files and "start_date" …
(edit) @333   5 years astephen Fixed import of config_c4 so that "copy_config" works correctly.
(edit) @332   5 years astephen Added test for no command-line arguments when ceda-cc is run. Now it …
(edit) @331   5 years mjuckes cleared up misleading message for variable with no standard name in table; …
(edit) @330   5 years mjuckes corrected test global attributes for SPECS
(edit) @329   5 years mjuckes corrected handling of start date
(edit) @328   5 years mjuckes Extended documentation
(edit) @327   5 years mjuckes Additional documentation; missing import added in
(edit) @326   5 years mjuckes drastically reduced content of -- moved code to
(edit) @325   5 years mjuckes corrected frequency in ESA-CCI configuration file
(edit) @324   5 years mjuckes new mip tables
(edit) @321   5 years mjuckes cleaned up no-args response and amap2nco doc string
(edit) @317   5 years mjuckes Check on order of start and end time in file name
(edit) @316   5 years mjuckes class to support time axis interval checks added to utilities
(edit) @313   5 years mjuckes Allow degree as unit for spatial_resolution
(edit) @312   5 years mjuckes Added extra attributes for OSTIA L4 data
(edit) @308   5 years mjuckes adding latest documentation pages
(edit) @307   5 years mjuckes updated for globsnow -- via some hacks to the ESA-CCI configuration
(edit) @305   5 years mjuckes added documentation directory with basic sphinx configuration
(edit) @304   5 years mjuckes added doc strings, and split intialisation class into ccinit module
(edit) @303   5 years mjuckes Added Orbview-2/SeaStar as valid ESACCI platform name
(edit) @302   5 years mjuckes updated to deal with ocean colour CCI data -- some bigs fixed
(edit) @301   5 years mjuckes added vocabs section
(edit) @300   5 years mjuckes SPECS realm
(edit) @299   5 years mjuckes added SPECS drsMappings file
(edit) @298   5 years astephen added activity to json record for ESA-CCI
(edit) @297   5 years astephen Modified to test if no command-line args provided or if "-h", "-help" or …
(edit) @296   5 years mjuckes tidied up vocab handling
(edit) @295   5 years mjuckes streamline vocab management in configuration
(edit) @292   5 years mjuckes First step to config driven specifications
(edit) @291   5 years mjuckes bringing fix to setup back from 1.3.1
(edit) @288   5 years mjuckes Updated setup for tag 1.3.1
(edit) @287   5 years mjuckes adjusted CCMI requirements; added '-v' and '--unitTest' args
(edit) @286   5 years dacosta Correcting version number in
(edit) @284   5 years dacosta Added CCMI and ESA-CCI tables, improved NetCDF library selection, json DRS …
(edit) @282   5 years astephen further cleaning of unitTestsS2
(edit) @281   5 years mjuckes cleaned unitTestsS2 to work with python 2.6
(edit) @280   5 years astephen added extraAtts ESA-CCI config file
(edit) @279   5 years astephen drs for esa-cci
(edit) @278   5 years astephen test
(edit) @277   5 years mjuckes additional features for ESA-CCI
(edit) @276   5 years mjuckes cleaned up unit tests and handling of fixed files
(edit) @275   5 years mjuckes new test for ccmi fixed file name
(edit) @274   5 years mjuckes fixed bug with fixed files for CCMI
(edit) @273   5 years mjuckes support for enumerations in attribute values (for esa-cci)
(edit) @272   5 years mjuckes Added ATSR-1, ATSR-2 to esa cci sensor list
(edit) @271   5 years mjuckes added ENVISAT as valid platform for ESA CCI
(edit) @270   5 years mjuckes added resolution attribute check
(edit) @269   5 years mjuckes added checks on ESA-CCI cdm_data_type and duration attributes
(edit) @268   5 years mjuckes new variable for esa-cci
(edit) @267   5 years astephen implementation of variableInFile configuration debugged
(edit) @266   5 years astephen added sstdepth to variableInFile.txt
(edit) @265   5 years mjuckes missing config file
(edit) @264   5 years mjuckes missing config file
(edit) @263   5 years mjuckes added esa-cci support
(edit) @262   5 years mjuckes Initial configuration for ESA CCI: file name parsing
(edit) @260   5 years dacosta updating to 1.2.6
(edit) @259   5 years mjuckes ccmi model name update
(edit) @258   5 years mjuckes Requirement for python version > 2.5 removed
(edit) @257   5 years mjuckes new ccmi model/institure list
(edit) @256   6 years mjuckes extended to make bin directory if needed
(edit) @255   6 years mjuckes added check to convert scalar variables to lists in NetCDF4
(edit) @254   6 years mjuckes recording python netcdf library and version (if known) in log file
(edit) @253   6 years mjuckes Updated vocabulary management
(edit) @252   6 years mjuckes Transparent change to start introduction of vocab versioning
(edit) @251   6 years mjuckes removed some unwanted control characters from CCMI config. file
(edit) @250   6 years mjuckes Removed control on specs:associated_experiment
(edit) @249   6 years mjuckes new CCMI tables
(edit) @248   6 years mjuckes Improved robustness of netcdf library selection -- testing import
(edit) @245   6 years spascoe Bumping version number ready to release
(edit) @243   6 years astephen bugs in CCMI configuration fixed
(edit) @242   6 years astephen bugs in CCMI configuration fixed
(edit) @241   6 years mjuckes added associated expt
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