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(edit) @347   5 years astephen Updated as follows: - renamed class "main" to "LogSummariser?" …
(edit) @332   5 years astephen Added test for no command-line arguments when ceda-cc is run. Now it …
(edit) @327   5 years mjuckes Additional documentation; missing import added in
(edit) @326   5 years mjuckes drastically reduced content of -- moved code to
(edit) @325   5 years mjuckes corrected frequency in ESA-CCI configuration file
(edit) @321   5 years mjuckes cleaned up no-args response and amap2nco doc string
(edit) @304   5 years mjuckes added doc strings, and split intialisation class into ccinit module
(edit) @297   5 years astephen Modified to test if no command-line args provided or if "-h", "-help" or …
(edit) @291   5 years mjuckes bringing fix to setup back from 1.3.1
(edit) @287   5 years mjuckes adjusted CCMI requirements; added '-v' and '--unitTest' args
(edit) @276   5 years mjuckes cleaned up unit tests and handling of fixed files
(edit) @263   5 years mjuckes added esa-cci support
(edit) @258   5 years mjuckes Requirement for python version > 2.5 removed
(edit) @254   5 years mjuckes recording python netcdf library and version (if known) in log file
(edit) @253   5 years mjuckes Updated vocabulary management
(edit) @252   5 years mjuckes Transparent change to start introduction of vocab versioning
(edit) @243   5 years astephen bugs in CCMI configuration fixed
(edit) @242   5 years astephen bugs in CCMI configuration fixed
(edit) @236   5 years mjuckes fixed bug in json dump to Rec code
(edit) @235   5 years spascoe Append json objects to Rec.json
(edit) @229   5 years spascoe Merge branch 'branch-sp'
(edit) @212   5 years mjuckes undated comp_mpi
(edit) @210   5 years mjuckes added archived CMIP5 file to unitTestsS2
(edit) @209   5 years mjuckes tidied up ncq3 and associated unit test; added force-<nclib> options; …
(edit) @208   5 years mjuckes further debugging of ncq3
(edit) @206   5 years mjuckes debugged ncq3
(edit) @204   5 years mjuckes updated SPECS specification
(edit) @200   5 years mjuckes check on uniqueness of tracking ids, with errors recorded in Rec.txt (not …
(edit) @193   6 years mjuckes brought branches-mnj back to trunk
(copy) @180   6 years mjuckes merged from branches-mnj (which was branched from branches-sp)
copied from CCCC/branches/branch-sp/ceda_cc/
(edit) @167   6 years spascoe Added an option to copy the configuration directory to a user-defined …
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