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(edit) @592   5 years apm remove redundant commented-out code; add trap for cdms2.error.CDMSError
(edit) @567   5 years apm Wrapped main_entry in try/except AssertionError? for graceful failure
(edit) @557   5 years apm Accidentally put in wrong directory
(edit) @228   6 years spascoe Adding JSON export of drs dictionaries
(edit) @227   6 years spascoe Re-branching from trunk.
(edit) @226   6 years spascoe Remove branch to be replaced from new point.
(edit) @192   6 years mjuckes inserted basic directory creation for summary html option
(edit) @191   6 years mjuckes Added NMME to SPECS exptFamily.txt
(edit) @190   6 years mjuckes new tables fixing cell_methods on Amon
(edit) @189   6 years astephen patched SPECS table; fixed bugs in SPECS path assigment
(edit) @188   6 years astephen fixed summary to avoid by deafult html for now (until directories for …
(edit) @187   6 years mjuckes New tables from Pierre
(edit) @186   6 years mjuckes SPECS MIP tables from github cmor devel branch
(edit) @185   6 years mjuckes added skeleton structure for test standard names
(edit) @184   6 years mjuckes producing basic html report
(edit) @183   6 years mjuckes initial rationalisation of output
(edit) @179   6 years mjuckes Added user installation script
(edit) @178   6 years mjuckes config changedś merged for
(edit) @177   6 years mjuckes merged changes in extractMipInfo
(edit) @176   6 years mjuckes class declarations and exceptions fixed
(edit) @175   6 years astephen in branch-mnj updated to be accessible through ceda_cc --sum …
(edit) @173   6 years spascoe Merge branch 'master' into branch-sp
(edit) @172   6 years spascoe Removing empty directories that have beem moved into the ceda_cc …
(edit) @171   6 years spascoe Fixed documented module reference
(edit) @170   6 years spascoe Added to ensure config files are packaged correctly
(edit) @169   6 years spascoe Removing lock file
(edit) @168   6 years spascoe Add standard STFC license
(edit) @167   6 years spascoe Added an option to copy the configuration directory to a user-defined …
(edit) @166   6 years spascoe Adding documentation on installing. Fixing distribution name.
(edit) @164   6 years spascoe Added a minimal which creates the script "ceda-cc" as an …
(edit) @163   6 years spascoe Moving config dir inside the package dir
(edit) @162   6 years spascoe Allow configurable location of the configuration file directory. Either …
(edit) @161   6 years spascoe Moving configuration files into a separate directory
(edit) @160   6 years spascoe Moving code into a Python package directory
(edit) @159   6 years spascoe Create branch for Stephen Pascoe's development
(edit) @71   7 years astephen Added new branch.
(add) @70   7 years astephen Update
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