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(edit) @174   7 years astephen Tagged version 0.1 (rev 172) created
(edit) @173   7 years spascoe Merge branch 'master' into branch-sp
(edit) @172   7 years spascoe Removing empty directories that have beem moved into the ceda_cc …
(edit) @171   7 years spascoe Fixed documented module reference
(edit) @170   7 years spascoe Added to ensure config files are packaged correctly
(edit) @169   7 years spascoe Removing lock file
(edit) @168   7 years spascoe Add standard STFC license
(edit) @167   7 years spascoe Added an option to copy the configuration directory to a user-defined …
(edit) @166   7 years spascoe Adding documentation on installing. Fixing distribution name.
(edit) @165   7 years astephen updated to allow for absent 'product' attribute in SPECS data
(edit) @164   7 years spascoe Added a minimal which creates the script "ceda-cc" as an …
(edit) @163   7 years spascoe Moving config dir inside the package dir
(edit) @162   7 years spascoe Allow configurable location of the configuration file directory. Either …
(edit) @161   7 years spascoe Moving configuration files into a separate directory
(edit) @160   7 years spascoe Moving code into a Python package directory
(edit) @159   7 years spascoe Create branch for Stephen Pascoe's development
(edit) @158   8 years mjuckes add script to extract info from mip files -- effort to generate reference …
(edit) @157   8 years mjuckes adding MIP table comparison code
(edit) @156   8 years mjuckes presentation from IS-ENES2 ESMVAL meeting
(edit) @155   8 years mjuckes various fixes for aMap feature -- see updates.txt
(edit) @154   8 years mjuckes added option to use dtype instead of datatype in netcdf4 module
(edit) @153   8 years mjuckes added option to use dtype instead of datatype in netcdf4 module
(edit) @152   8 years astephen Improved error messages
(edit) @151   8 years astephen Updates to run smoothly on CMIP5: taking type from mip tables; cleaned up …
(edit) @150   8 years astephen support for CMIP5 added (not all attributes configured)
(edit) @149   8 years mjuckes add cmip5 tables
(edit) @148   8 years mjuckes Added support for ScientificPython?
(edit) @147   8 years mjuckes Support for netCDF4 added. File metadata module move to new …
(edit) @146   8 years mjuckes Corrected SPECS_6hr
(edit) @145   8 years mjuckes New SPECS tables (corrected 6hr, removed 6hrLev )
(edit) @144   8 years astephen updated for March 17 version of SPECS requirements
(edit) @143   8 years mjuckes extended attribute mapping support to prompt for missing global attriutes
(edit) @142   8 years mjuckes Updated virtual test documentation
(edit) @141   8 years mjuckes Updated virtual test and correction script generation
(edit) @140   8 years mjuckes modified global attribute and models_insts list
(edit) @139   8 years mjuckes revised for march update to SPECS requirements
(edit) @138   8 years mjuckes new tables
(edit) @137   8 years mjuckes improved python API and logfile control
(edit) @136   8 years mjuckes adapted listControl to accept multiple vales -- e.g. for realm
(edit) @135   8 years astephen modified (again) for better treatment of exceptions
(edit) @134   8 years astephen modified and for better treatment of exceptions ns …
(edit) @133   8 years mjuckes corrected fl.txt
(edit) @132   8 years mjuckes corrected fl.txt in replication/
(edit) @131   8 years mjuckes new folder for replication
(edit) @130   8 years astephen improved script
(edit) @129   8 years astephen institution_id removed from reuired global attributes for SPECS
(edit) @128   8 years mjuckes class updated to fill global attributes
(edit) @127   8 years mjuckes new class
(edit) @126   8 years mjuckes added files
(edit) @125   8 years mjuckes scripts extended to provide ancillary variables
(edit) @124   8 years mjuckes made cell_methods optional for SPECS
(edit) @123   8 years mjuckes new CCMI vocabs foe models and institutions
(edit) @122   8 years mjuckes SPECS adjustments + fix for forecast_reference_time
(edit) @121   8 years mjuckes Clearing up
(edit) @120   8 years mjuckes Additional CCMI vocabs (2)
(edit) @119   8 years mjuckes Additional CCMI vocabs
(edit) @118   8 years mjuckes updated SPECS (for recorder) and CCMI options
(edit) @117   8 years mjuckes some ccmi updates
(edit) @116   8 years mjuckes SPECS: adjust to updated requirements re. experiment_id in file name
(edit) @115   8 years mjuckes SPECS related fix for cell_methods and time units
(edit) @114   8 years mjuckes adjusted institution encoding for SPECS
(edit) @113   8 years mjuckes fixed some SPECS reated bugs and config issues
(edit) @112   8 years mjuckes add specs sample attribute lists
(edit) @111   8 years mjuckes more checks and unit tests implemented for SPECS
(edit) @110   8 years mjuckes SPECS related bugs fixed
(edit) @109   8 years mjuckes corrected some aspects of SPECS: file name and experiment vocab
(edit) @108   8 years mjuckes added ccmi mip tables (draft)
(edit) @107   8 years mjuckes started adapting for ccmi
(edit) @106   8 years astephen Updated a typo in a log message: "attibute" to "attribute". Updated …
(edit) @105   8 years mjuckes tried to fix bug affecting time range checks of data from multiple regions …
(edit) @104   8 years mjuckes improved error messages on time range and interpolated grids
(edit) @103   8 years mjuckes added specific file handle tracking test to unit test suite 2
(edit) @102   8 years mjuckes noted need to do something about exceptions which are recorded in logs but …
(edit) @101   8 years mjuckes created a main() class in to facilitate testing, added test
(edit) @100   8 years mjuckes fixed leaking of log file handles
(edit) @99   8 years mjuckes added 2nd suite of unit tests, testing components of
(edit) @98   8 years mjuckes fixed 2 bugs; added dummy file checking; reproduced too many open file …
(edit) @97   8 years mjuckes updated README_dev
(edit) @96   8 years mjuckes further updates to projectConfig
(edit) @95   8 years mjuckes more updates to projectConfig
(edit) @94   8 years mjuckes added projectConfig class to contain project specific configuration …
(edit) @93   8 years mjuckes testing new laptop
(edit) @92   8 years mjuckes updated ANT arctic domain to allow start from 0.25
(edit) @91   8 years mjuckes fixed typo in monthly time range test
(edit) @90   8 years astephen Made changes as follows: 1. Moved all imports to top 2. Removed global …
(edit) @89   8 years mjuckes reset default to project=CORDEX
(edit) @88   8 years mjuckes adding specs vocabs
(edit) @87   8 years astephen Added script to generate a summary of the outputs by error code.
(edit) @86   8 years mjuckes fixed bug introduced with 'aMap' option, causgin crash when option not …
(edit) @85   8 years mjuckes add script to summarise output
(edit) @84   8 years mjuckes fixed attribute mapping to do a virtual file rename
(edit) @83   8 years mjuckes corrected seasonal mean check
(edit) @82   8 years mjuckes relaxed condition on seasonal mean time range, to be consistent with CMOR
(edit) @81   8 years mjuckes updated logging to record time range errors in file log file; initial …
(edit) @80   8 years mjuckes relaxed checks on height value, interpolated domain, missingValue …
(edit) @79   8 years mjuckes note on git added to README
(edit) @78   8 years mjuckes cleaned up a little
(edit) @77   8 years mjuckes Corrected bugs related to (1) cell_methods; (2) cordex time range for 3hr …
(edit) @76   8 years astephen Fixed bug. Test was checking len(m) when it should have been testing …
(edit) @75   8 years mjuckes merged support for SPECS back into main trunk
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