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  • CCCC/trunk/ccmi_vocabs/globalAts.txt

    r119 r140  
    1 contact 
    2 Conventions 
    3 creation_date 
    4 experiment_id 
    5 frequency 
    6 institution 
    7 initialization_method 
    8 model_id 
    9 modeling_realm 
    10 physics_version 
    11 project_id 
    12 realization 
    13 source 
    14 table_id 
    15 title 
    16 tracking_id 
     1## extracted from DRS v2.2 
     2branch_time = time in parent experiment when this simulation started.  
     3contact = name and contact information 
     4Conventions = CF-1.6, taken from the MIP table. 
     5creation_date = a string representation of the date when the file was created in the format: 'YYYY-MM-DD-THH:MM:SSZ'. 
     6experiment =  e.g 'Projection Scenario – RCP8.5'.  See Appendix 1 of DRS 
     7experiment_id = the short name of the experiment such as 'refC2' or 'senC2rcp85'.  See Appendix 1 of DRS 
     8forcing = a string containing the list of the 'forcing' agents, following CMIP5. 
     9frequency =  a string indicating the interval between individual time samples. 
     10initialization_method = an integer (≥ 1) referring to the initialization method or observational dataset used to initialize the simulation. 
     11initialization_description = a string containing the details of the particular initialization method used for the experiment. This is only required if groups are submitting runs with more than one initialization method. 
     12institute_id = a short acronym describing the institution (e.g., 'GFDL'). 
     13institution = a more free-form attribute to identify the institution that generated the data. 
     14model_id = like the institute_id, a short acronym identifying the model. 
     15modeling_realm = denotes which high-level modeling component is of particular relevence for the dataset.  
     16parent_experiment_id = indicates which experiment this simulation branched from. ('N/A' if not relevant) 
     17parent_experiment_rip = identifies which member of an ensemble of parent simulations ('N/A' if not relevant) 
     18physics_version = an integer (≥ 1) referring to the physics version used by the model for this run.  
     19physics_description = a string describing the particular variations in the model that produced the current physics versions. 
     20product = 'output', which indicates that the data you are writing is model output. 
     21project_id = 'CCMI1' 
     22realization = an integer (≥ 1) distinguishing among the members of an ensemble of simulations (e.g. 1, 2, 3,...).  
     23source = character string fully identifying the model and version used to generate the output. 
     24table_id = should be assigned a character string that identifies the CCMI MIP table where this variable appears.  
     25tracking_id = a string that is almost certainly unique to this file. 
  • CCCC/trunk/ccmi_vocabs/models_insts.txt

    r123 r140  
    99EMAC                            MESSy 
    1010GEOSCCM                 GSFC 
    11 GEOS-Chem                       LAGEO 
     11GEOS-Chem                       LAGEO-IAP-CAS 
    1212GFDL-AM3                        NOAA-GFDL 
    1313GISS-E2-R                       GISS 
    1515LMDZrepro                       IPSL     
    1616MIROC-ESM-CHEM          JAMSTEC 
    17 MOCAGE                          GAME-CNRM 
     17MOCAGE                          CNRM 
    1818MRI-ESM1r1                      MRI 
    1919NIWA-UKCA                       NIWA 
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