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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
CCCC 869   6 years mjuckes added option to specify files in a text file, one file name per line
CDB 32   10 years lalibert Added export to retrieved paths
CDB_diags 35   10 years lalibert reorganization
CDB_driver 36   10 years lalibert Initial import. This splits the driver from the diagnostics.
CedaCdoScripts 203   8 years mjuckes modifications for mclim30; adding option to use rcp45 as extension for …
clipcs 789   6 years mjuckes CLIPC overview at ENES strategy meeting
CMIP6dreq 1194   4 years mjuckes update latest
CMIP6dreqbuild 1199   4 years mjuckes 01.00.24
cp4cds-tmp 874   5 years mjuckes updated to scan additional variables
documents 156   8 years mjuckes presentation from IS-ENES2 ESMVAL meeting
dreqML 453   7 years mjuckes dreqML
FCC 43   9 years mjuckes some configuration files missed in 1st commit
FCC2 64   9 years mjuckes adapted for SPECS
hdldemo 566   6 years mjuckes add cached dummy handles (for testing)
replication 133   8 years mjuckes corrected fl.txt
trunk 34   10 years lalibert Initial import
xlsw 1197   4 years mjuckes added missing files
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