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1<?xml version="1.0" ?>
5xsi:schemaLocation=" vocabFrameworkSchema_v01beta.xsd">
6<table label="var" uid="SECTION:var" title="MIP Variable" id="cmip.drv.001" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
7  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
8  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
9  <rowAttribute label="sn" title="CF Standard Name" class="externalTextRef"/>
10  <rowAttribute label="units" title="Units"/>
11  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
12  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Long name"/>
13  <rowAttribute label="procnote" title="Processing notes" class="list"/>
14  <rowAttribute label="procComment" title="Processing comments" class="freeText"/>
15  <rowAttribute label="prov" title="Provenance" class="freeText"/>
16  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
18<table label="CMORvar" uid="SECTION:CMORvar" title="CMOR Variable" id="cmip.drv.002" itemLabelMode="def" level="1" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
19  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
20  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
21  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
22  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Long name"/>
23  <rowAttribute label="stid" title="Link to a record specifying the structure of the variable (dimensions and associated variable attributes)." class="internalLink" techNote="structure"/>
24  <rowAttribute label="vid" title="Identifier for MIP Variable" class="internalLink" techNote="var"/>
25  <rowAttribute label="valid_min" title="Minimum expected value for this variable."/>
26  <rowAttribute label="valid_max" title="Maximum expected value for this variable."/>
27  <rowAttribute label="ok_min_mean_abs" title="Minimum expected value of the mean absolute value at each point in time"/>
28  <rowAttribute label="ok_max_mean_abs" title="Maximum expected value of the mean absolute value at each point in time"/>
29  <rowAttribute label="deflate" title="Deflate: NetCDF compression parameter"/>
30  <rowAttribute label="deflate_level" title="Deflate Level: NetCDF compression parameter"/>
31  <rowAttribute label="shuffle" title="Shuffle: NetCDF compression parameter"/>
32  <rowAttribute label="type"/>
33  <rowAttribute label="modeling_realm" class="drsVocab"/>
34  <rowAttribute label="positive" class="CMORdirective"/>
35  <rowAttribute label="mipTable" title="The MIP table: each table identifies a collection of variables" class="drsVocab"/>
36  <rowAttribute label="prov"/>
37  <rowAttribute label="provNote"/>
38  <rowAttribute label="frequency" title="Frequency of time steps to be archived." class="drsVocab"/>
39  <rowAttribute label="rowIndex" type="xs:integer" title="Row index of entry in source sheet"/>
40  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
42<table label="structure" uid="SECTION:structure" title="Dimensions and related information" id="cmip.drv.003" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
43  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
44  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
45  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
46  <rowAttribute label="spid" class="internalLink" techNote="spatialShape"/>
47  <rowAttribute label="tmid" class="internalLink" techNote="temporalShape"/>
48  <rowAttribute label="odims"/>
49  <rowAttribute label="coords"/>
50  <rowAttribute label="cell_methods"/>
51  <rowAttribute label="cell_measures"/>
52  <rowAttribute label="flag_values"/>
53  <rowAttribute label="flag_meanings"/>
54  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
55  <rowAttribute label="procNote"/>
56  <rowAttribute label="prov"/>
58<table label="spatialShape" uid="SECTION:spatialShape" title="Spatial dimensions" id="cmip.drv.004" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
59  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
60  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
61  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
62  <rowAttribute label="dimensions"/>
63  <rowAttribute label="shape"/>
64  <rowAttribute label="levels" type="xs:integer" title="Number of vertical levels (ignored if levelFlag=false)"/>
65  <rowAttribute label="levelFlag" type="xs:boolean" title="Flag set to *false* if number of levels is optional (e.g. determined by the model)"/>
67<table label="temporalShape" uid="SECTION:temporalShape" title="Temporal dimension" id="cmip.drv.005" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
68  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
69  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
70  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
71  <rowAttribute label="dimensions"/>
72  <rowAttribute label="label"/>
73  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
75<table label="requestVar" uid="SECTION:requestVar" title="Request variable (carrying priority and link to group)" id="cmip.drv.006" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
76  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
77  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
78  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
79  <rowAttribute label="priority" type="xs:integer"/>
80  <rowAttribute label="vid" title="Identifier for MIP Output Variable" class="internalLink" techNote="ovar"/>
81  <rowAttribute label="vgid" title="Identifier for Variable Group" class="internalLink" techNote="requestVarGroup"/>
82  <rowAttribute label="mip"/>
83  <rowAttribute label="table"/>
85<table label="tableSection" uid="SECTION:tableSection" title="CMOR Table Sections" id="cmip.drv.007" itemLabelMode="def" level="1" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
86  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
87  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
88  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
89  <rowAttribute label="gpid" title="Identifier for CMOR Tables" class="internalLink" techNote="requestVarGroup"/>
90  <rowAttribute label="mip" title="Project"/>
91  <rowAttribute label="ref"/>
92  <rowAttribute label="refNote"/>
94<table label="requestVarGroup" uid="SECTION:requestVarGroup" title="Request variable group: a collection of request variables" id="cmip.drv.008" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
95  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
96  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
97  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
98  <rowAttribute label="mip" title="Endorsed MIP requesting the data"/>
99  <rowAttribute label="ref"/>
100  <rowAttribute label="refNote"/>
102<table label="requestLink" uid="SECTION:requestLink" title="Request link: linking a set of variables and a set of experiments" id="cmip.drv.009" itemLabelMode="def" level="4" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
103  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
104  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
105  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
106  <rowAttribute label="mip"/>
107  <rowAttribute label="tab"/>
108  <rowAttribute label="objective"/>
109  <rowAttribute label="grid"/>
110  <rowAttribute label="gridreq"/>
111  <rowAttribute label="comment"/>
112  <rowAttribute label="ref"/>
113  <rowAttribute label="refNote"/>
114  <rowAttribute label="refid" title="reference to a request Variable Group" class="internalLink"/>
115  <rowAttribute label="opt" title="option for selecting a subset of variables"/>
116  <rowAttribute label="opar" title="parameter associated with *opt*"/>
117  <rowAttribute label="preset" title="Option to override priority set in each variable group"/>
119<table label="requestItem" uid="SECTION:requestItem" title="Request Item: specifying the number of years for an experiment" id="cmip.drv.010" itemLabelMode="def" level="5" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
120  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
121  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
122  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
123  <rowAttribute label="mip"/>
124  <rowAttribute label="tab"/>
125  <rowAttribute label="expt"/>
126  <rowAttribute label="rlid" title="Identifier of corresponding requestLink" class="internalLink"/>
127  <rowAttribute label="esid" title="Identifier experiment(s): a link to an experiment, an experiment group or a MIP" class="internalLink"/>
128  <rowAttribute label="esidComment"/>
129  <rowAttribute label="ny" type="xs:integer"/>
130  <rowAttribute label="nexmax" type="xs:integer"/>
131  <rowAttribute label="nenmax" type="xs:integer"/>
132  <rowAttribute label="nymax" type="xs:float"/>
134<table label="remarks" uid="SECTION:remarks" title="Remarks about other items" id="cmip.drv.011" itemLabelMode="def" level="10" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
135  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
136  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
137  <rowAttribute label="uid" class="recordId"/>
138  <rowAttribute label="tid" title="Target identifier: the record ID of the item this refers to." class="internalLink"/>
139  <rowAttribute label="tattr" title="Target attribute: an attribute of the target item, or 'ALL'"/>
140  <rowAttribute label="description" title="Free text remarks -- unless there are specific restrictions associated with the class attribute of this remark"/>
141  <rowAttribute label="class" title="Different classes of remark support a range of specialised usages: free (a free text comment), modelTypeReq (a model type requirement), modelTypeExcl (a model type exclusion), varAlt (an alternative variable that my be used instead of this one), varSup (an alternative variable which, if selected makes this one redundant), attChange (a change in the value of an attribute -- old value provided in 'techNote')."/>
142  <rowAttribute label="qid" title="Identifier required for classes modelTypeReq, modelTypeExcl, varAlt, varSup. For the first two classes, the identifier points to a model type specification, for the last two it points to an output variable specification."/>
143  <rowAttribute label="techNote" title="Optional additional machine readable content (though not restricted by the schema)"/>
144  <rowAttribute label="prov" title="Provenance"/>
146<table label="experiment" uid="SECTION:experiment" title="Experiments" id="cmip.drv.012" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
147  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
148  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
149  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
150  <rowAttribute label="description" title="Description" class="freeText"/>
151  <rowAttribute label="egid" title="Identifier for experiment group" class="internalLink"/>
152  <rowAttribute label="mip" title="MIP defining experiment" class="internalLink"/>
153  <rowAttribute label="mcfg" title="Model category"/>
154  <rowAttribute label="tier" type="xs:integer" title="Tier of experiment"/>
155  <rowAttribute label="nstart" type="xs:integer" title="Number of start dates"/>
156  <rowAttribute label="starty"/>
157  <rowAttribute label="endy"/>
158  <rowAttribute label="yps" type="xs:integer" title="Years per simulation"/>
159  <rowAttribute label="ensz" type="xs:integer" title="Ensemble size"/>
160  <rowAttribute label="ntot" type="xs:integer" title="Total number of years"/>
161  <rowAttribute label="comment" title="Comment"/>
163<table label="exptgroup" uid="SECTION:exptgroup" title="Experiment Group" id="cmip.drv.013" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
164  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
165  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
166  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
167  <rowAttribute label="tierMin" type="xs:integer" title="Minimum tier of experiments in group"/>
168  <rowAttribute label="ntot" type="xs:integer" title="Total number of years"/>
170<table label="objective" uid="SECTION:objective" title="Scientific objectives" id="cmip.drv.014" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
171  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
172  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
173  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
174  <rowAttribute label="description" title="Description" class="freeText"/>
175  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Long name"/>
176  <rowAttribute label="mip" title="Endorsed MIP"/>
178<table label="objectiveLink" uid="SECTION:objectiveLink" title="Link between scientific objectives and requests" id="cmip.drv.015" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No">
179  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
180  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
181  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
182  <rowAttribute label="oid" title="Identifier for a scientific objective" class="internalLink" techNote="objective"/>
183  <rowAttribute label="rid" title="Identifier for a request link" class="internalLink" techNote="requestLink"/>
185<table label="varChoiceLinkR" uid="SECTION:varChoiceLinkR" title="Links a variable to a choice element" id="cmip.drv.016" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
186  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
187  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
188  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
189  <rowAttribute label="vid" title="Variable" class="internalLink"/>
190  <rowAttribute label="cid" title="Choice" class="internalLink"/>
191  <rowAttribute label="rank" type="xs:integer" title="For ranked choices, the rank of this variable (higher rank makes lower ranks redundant)"/>
193<table label="varChoiceLinkC" uid="SECTION:varChoiceLinkC" title="Links a variable to a choice element" id="cmip.drv.017" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
194  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
195  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
196  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
197  <rowAttribute label="vid" title="Variable" class="internalLink"/>
198  <rowAttribute label="cfgid" title="Configuration Option" class="internalLink"/>
199  <rowAttribute label="cfg" type="xs:boolean" title="Configuration Value"/>
200  <rowAttribute label="cid" title="Choice -- can provide a link to related variables" class="internalLink"/>
202<table label="varChoice" uid="SECTION:varChoice" title="Indicates variables for which a there is a range of potential CMOR Varibles" id="cmip.drv.018" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
203  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
204  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
205  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
206  <rowAttribute label="class" title="Class of choice: heirarchy|cfg"/>
207  <rowAttribute label="title"/>
208  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
209  <rowAttribute label="varList" title="A colon separated list of variable names"/>
210  <rowAttribute label="optionList" title="A list of options, one for each variable"/>
212<table label="mip" uid="SECTION:mip" title="Model Intercomparison Project" id="cmip.drv.019" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
213  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
214  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
215  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
216  <rowAttribute label="title"/>
217  <rowAttribute label="description"/>
218  <rowAttribute label="url"/>
219  <rowAttribute label="status"/>
221<table label="modelConfig" uid="SECTION:modelConfig" title="Model configuration options" id="cmip.drv.020" itemLabelMode="an" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes">
222  <rowAttribute label="label" title="Record Label"/>
223  <rowAttribute label="title" title="Record Title"/>
224  <rowAttribute label="uid" title="Record identifier" class="recordId"/>
225  <rowAttribute label="title"/>
226  <rowAttribute label="MIPs"/>
227  <rowAttribute label="usage"/>
228  <rowAttribute label="type"/>
229  <rowAttribute label="range" title="Range of valid values, e.g. xs:boolean"/>
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