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6<table label="requestVarGroup" uid="SECTION:requestVarGroup" title="3.1 Request variable group: a collection of request variables" id="rqvg" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="A group of request variables, or a table, which can be referred to from a request link.">
7  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.label" required="True"/>
8  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.title" required="True"/>
9  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
10  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
11  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
12  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="Endorsed MIP defining the variable group" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to the MIP which specified this collection of variables. The collection may be re-used by other MIPs through the requestLink records." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
13  <rowAttribute label="ref" type="xs:string" title="Reference" useClass="" techNote="" description="Information about the origins of this group" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.ref" superclass="" required="true"/>
14  <rowAttribute label="refNote" type="xs:string" title="Reference Note" useClass="" techNote="" description="Further information about the origins of this group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVarGroup.refNote" superclass="" required="true"/>
16<table label="requestItem" uid="SECTION:requestItem" title="3.2 Request Item: specifying the number of years for an experiment" id="rqi" itemLabelMode="def" level="5" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The request item links a collection of variables with a specific experiment or group of experiments, and a temporal range for output. The 'esid' attribute links to an experiment, and experiment group or a MIP. In the latter case, the request applies to all experiments defined by that MIP.">
17  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.label" required="True"/>
18  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.title" required="True"/>
19  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
20  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
21  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
22  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="The MIP making the request. " useClass="Redundant" techNote="" description="Model Intecomparison Project associated with the requestItem. Redundant because this is specified through the requestLink." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
23  <rowAttribute label="tab" type="xs:string" title="Redundant?" useClass="Redundant" techNote="" description="Redundant attribute ... " uid="" superclass="" required="false"/>
24  <rowAttribute label="expt" type="xs:string" title="Name of experiment or group of experiments" useClass="" techNote="" description="This is redundant: the information is provided through the esid link." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.expt" superclass="" required="true"/>
25  <rowAttribute label="rlid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier of Corresponding Request Link" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a requestLink record, which makes the connection to a variableGroup and a set of objectives." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.rlid" superclass="" required="true"/>
26  <rowAttribute label="esid" type="xs:string" title="A link to an experiment, an experiment group or a MIP" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="This links to an individual experiment, to an experimentGroup, specifying a collection of experiments, or to a MIP. If it links to a MIP it means that the request applies to all experiments defined by that MIP." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.esid" superclass="" required="true"/>
27  <rowAttribute label="esidComment" type="xs:string" title="Comment on experiment(s) linked to." useClass="" techNote="" description="An explanatory commemt for the esid attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.esidComment" superclass="" required="false"/>
28  <rowAttribute label="preset" type="xs:integer" title="Option to override priority set in each variable group" useClass="" techNote="" description="If, for example, preset is set to 2, all priority one variables in the variable group associated with this request are treated as priority 2 variables." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.preset" superclass="" required="true"/>
29  <rowAttribute label="treset" type="xs:integer" title="Option to override tier set for experiment(s)" useClass="" techNote="" description="If, for example, treset is set to 1, all tier 2 and 3 experiments associated with this request are treated as tier 1 variables." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.treset" superclass="" required="false"/>
30  <rowAttribute label="ny" type="xs:integer" title="Default number of years." useClass="" techNote="" description="Default number of years, only used if experiment specifications are incomplete: will be redundant in final request." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.ny" superclass="" required="true"/>
31  <rowAttribute label="nexmax" type="xs:integer" title="Maximum number of experiments requested." useClass="Redundant" techNote="" description="Used to provide volume estimate before the links to experiment groups was fully functional." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.nexmax" superclass="" required="false"/>
32  <rowAttribute label="nenmax" type="xs:integer" title="Number of ensemble members requested. " useClass="" techNote="" description="If set to -1 then the request applies to to all the ensemble members specified in the ensz attribute of the experiment or experiments associated with the request. Note that ensz is a default ensemble size, and nenmax may be greater if one MIP wants more than the default number of ensembles. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.nenmax" superclass="" required="true"/>
33  <rowAttribute label="nymax" type="xs:float" title="Number of years requested." useClass="" techNote="" description="Number of years specified by the requesting MIP (will be redundant when links to temporal slices are fully implemented)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.nymax" superclass="" required="true"/>
34  <rowAttribute label="tslice" type="xs:string" title="Selection of years from experiment" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Optional link to a time slice specifier which will define subset of the years from an experiment." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestItem.tslice" superclass="" required="false"/>
36<table label="exptgroup" uid="SECTION:exptgroup" title="1.9 Experiment Group" id="exg" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The experiment group defines a collection of experiments within a MIP which might be part of a collective data request.">
37  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.label" required="True"/>
38  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.title" required="True"/>
39  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
40  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
41  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
42  <rowAttribute label="tierMin" type="xs:integer" title="Minimum tier of experiments in group" useClass="" techNote="" description="Minimum tier of experiments associated with this group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.tierMin" superclass="" required="true"/>
43  <rowAttribute label="ntot" type="xs:integer" title="Total number of years" useClass="" techNote="" description="Total number of simulation years associated with experiments in this group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::exptgroup.ntot" superclass="" required="true"/>
45<table label="miptable" uid="SECTION:miptable" title="2.4 MIP tables" id="mtb" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="The MIP tables are used to organise the variables. Each variable in a MIP table must have a unique output name (defined by the label of the {var} record associated with each {CMORvar} record). The structure of the MIP tables has evolved as the request has expanded from CMIP3 through CMIP5 to CMIP6. The naming convention for the CMIP6 tables is described on the WIP [ MIP Tables in the CMIP6 Data Request] page.">
46  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.label" required="True"/>
47  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.title" required="True"/>
48  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
49  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
50  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
51  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
52  <rowAttribute label="frequency" type="xs:string" title="Frequency" useClass="" techNote="" description="Frequency of data variables defined in this table. Note that this has not been updated to reflect changes in the definition of the CMIP frequency controlled attribute. There are now multiple frequency values in each table." uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.frequency" superclass="" required="true"/>
53  <rowAttribute label="altLabel" type="xs:string" title="Alternative Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="Depricated: holds old form of the table label. Used for tracking changes." uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.altLabel" superclass="" required="true"/>
54  <rowAttribute label="comment" type="xs:string" title="Comment" useClass="" techNote="" description="Comment about the table." uid="ATTRIBUTE::miptable.comment" superclass="" required="true"/>
56<table label="CMORvar" uid="SECTION:CMORvar" title="1.3 CMOR Variable" id="cmv" itemLabelMode="def" level="1" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="Each Output variable record corresponds to a MIP table variable specification. In a change from the August draft, this record does not contain the 'priority' attribute: the priority is now set in the 'Request Variable' record. The other change is that a collection of attributes specifying dimensions etc have been moved into the 'structure' record, and each CMOR Variable record links to one structure record. This will fa-cilitate provision of clear and consistent definitions of output formats.">
57  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.label" required="True"/>
58  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.title" required="True"/>
59  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="CMOR Variable Name" useClass="" techNote="" description="When there are multiple options for a variable within one CMOR table, each option must be given a unique CMOR name in this attribute. If there is only one option, the CMOR name should equal the value of the label in the MIP variable record referred to by the vid attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
60  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
61  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
62  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Long name" useClass="" techNote="" description="The long name is used as the long_name variable attribute in the NetCDF files." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
63  <rowAttribute label="stid" type="xs:string" title="Link to a record specifying the structure of the variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="structure" description="Link to a record describing the structure of the variable (e.g. spatial and temporal dimensions)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.stid" superclass="" required="true"/>
64  <rowAttribute label="vid" type="xs:string" title="MIP Variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="var" description="The MIP Variable specifies the physical quantity." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.vid" superclass="" required="true"/>
65  <rowAttribute label="deflate" type="xs:string" title="Deflate: NetCDF compression parameter" useClass="" techNote="" description="Obsolete, not used in CMIP6." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.deflate" superclass="" required="true"/>
66  <rowAttribute label="deflate_level" type="xs:string" title="Deflate Level: NetCDF compression parameter" useClass="" techNote="" description="Obsolete, not used in CMIP6." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.deflate_level" superclass="" required="true"/>
67  <rowAttribute label="shuffle" type="xs:string" title="Shuffle: NetCDF compression parameter" useClass="" techNote="" description="Obsolete, not used in CMIP6." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.shuffle" superclass="" required="true"/>
68  <rowAttribute label="defaultPriority" type="xs:integer" title="Indicative priority for this parameter, which is over-ruled by the requestVar priority setting, but provides a reference for organisation of the CMORvariables" useClass="" techNote="" description="For the priority of requested data, the priority attribute of the requestVar section should be used." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.defaultPriority" superclass="" required="true"/>
69  <rowAttribute label="type" type="aa:st__fortranType" title="Data value type, e.g. float or double" useClass="" techNote="" description="Data type is specified using Fortran code words: character, double, integer, real " uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.type" superclass="" required="true"/>
70  <rowAttribute label="modeling_realm" type="xs:string" title="Modeling Realm" useClass="drsVocab" techNote="" description="A string that  indicates the high level modeling component
71which is particularly relevant.  Note  that  sometimes  a  variable
72will  be  equally  (or  almost  equally  relevant)  to  two  or  more  realms,  in
73which  case  a  primary  realm  is  assigned as the first listed and other relevant realms follow in a space separated list." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.modeling_realm" superclass="" usage="Useful for sifting variables. There is some ambiguity around the boundaries." required="true"/>
74  <rowAttribute label="positive" type="xs:string" title="CMOR Directive Positive" useClass="CMORdirective" techNote="" description="For any variable where the DREQ has specified a value for 'positive', CMOR requires users to say whether the data they're giving CMOR assumes 'positive is up' or 'positive is down'. If the user's direction is opposite what is requested by DREQ, CMOR multiplies the data by -1 before storing it, so that it will conform with the specifications." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.positive" superclass="" required="true"/>
75  <rowAttribute label="mipTableSection" type="xs:string" title="Section of a table" useClass="subsubsection" techNote="" description="Some MIP tables are divided into subsections containing different categories of variables." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.mipTableSection" superclass="" required="false"/>
76  <rowAttribute label="mtid" type="xs:string" title="Link to MIP table record" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="A link to the record for the MIP table identified by the mipTable attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.mtid" superclass="" required="true"/>
77  <rowAttribute label="mipTable" type="xs:string" title="The MIP table" useClass="subsection" techNote="" description="Each table identifies a collection of variables with a common frequency." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.mipTable" superclass="" required="true"/>
78  <rowAttribute label="prov" type="xs:string" title="Provenance" useClass="" techNote="" description="Provides some indication of the origins of the parameter definition (e.g. the MIP responsible for first defining the variable). Once defined, a variable may be requested by multiple MIPs." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.prov" superclass="" required="true"/>
79  <rowAttribute label="processing" type="xs:string" title="Processing Notes" useClass="" techNote="" description="Processing notes (questions and issues)" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.processing" superclass="" required="false"/>
80  <rowAttribute label="provNote" type="xs:string" title="Provenance Note" useClass="" techNote="" description="Additional information on provenance, intended to be machine interpretable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.provNote" superclass="" required="true"/>
81  <rowAttribute label="frequency" type="xs:string" title="Frequency of Time Steps to be Archived" useClass="drsVocab" techNote="" description="See for details of time of day for sub-hourly frequencies." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.frequency" superclass="" required="true"/>
82  <rowAttribute label="rowIndex" type="xs:integer" title="Row index of entry in source sheet" useClass="" techNote="" description="Information about source of information. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.rowIndex" superclass="" required="true"/>
83  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
84  <rowAttribute label="subGroup" type="xs:string" title="Sub-group of variables in a table" useClass="" techNote="" description="Identify a sub-group, for ease of processing. A sub-group can be copied to a request variable group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::CMORvar.subGroup" superclass="" required="false"/>
86<table label="objective" uid="SECTION:objective" title="1.6 Scientific objectives" id="obj" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The objectives defined by each MIP can be used to select data requirements. ">
87  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.label" required="True"/>
88  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.title" required="True"/>
89  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
90  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
91  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
92  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="freeText" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
93  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="Endorsed MIP" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to Model Intercomparison Project with this objective." uid="ATTRIBUTE::objective.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
95<table label="spatialShape" uid="SECTION:spatialShape" title="2.1 Spatial dimensions" id="ss" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="The spatial shape record contains the spatial dimensions of the field, and also, for convenience, an integer specifying the number of levels if that number is specified. A boolean level flag is set to 'true' if the number of vertical levels is specified.">
96  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.label" required="True"/>
97  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.title" required="True"/>
98  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="A string of the form 'hh-vv' where 'hh' and 'vv' are short mnemonics for the horizontal and vertical structure respectively, each set to 'na', for 'not applicable', if there are no relevant dimensions. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
99  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
100  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
101  <rowAttribute label="dimensions" type="xs:string" title="List of spatial dimensions" useClass="" techNote="" description="List of the labels of dimension attributes (redundant with dimids)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.dimensions" superclass="" required="true"/>
102  <rowAttribute label="dimids" type="aa:st__stringList" title="Identifiers for records in grids section" useClass="internalLinkList" techNote="" description="List of links to dimensions specified by records in the grids section." uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.dimids" superclass="" required="false"/>
103  <rowAttribute label="levels" type="xs:integer" title="Number of vertical levels (ignored if levelFlag=false)" useClass="" techNote="" description="The number of vertical levels, if fixed." uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.levels" superclass="" required="true"/>
104  <rowAttribute label="levelFlag" type="xs:boolean" title="Flag set to *false* if number of levels is optional (e.g. determined by the model)" useClass="" techNote="" description="True is there is a fixed number of levels specified by the 'levels' attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::spatialShape.levelFlag" superclass="" required="true"/>
106<table label="requestLink" uid="SECTION:requestLink" title="3.3 Request link: linking a set of variables and a set of experiments" id="rql" itemLabelMode="def" level="4" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The request link records specify some additional information about variable groups, concerning shared output requirements and objectives.">
107  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.label" required="True"/>
108  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.title" required="True"/>
109  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
110  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
111  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
112  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="Endorsed MIP requesting the data" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to record defining the MIP using this record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
113  <rowAttribute label="tab" type="xs:string" title="Redundant" useClass="" techNote="" description="A redundant attribute." uid="" superclass="" required="false"/>
114  <rowAttribute label="objective" type="xs:string" title="Science objectives associated with this request" useClass="" techNote="" description="Every request for model ouput is linked to one or more objectives. The XML link is made via objectiveLink records, each of which associates one requestLink with one objective record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.objective" superclass="" required="true"/>
115  <rowAttribute label="grid" type="xs:string" title="Grid options" useClass="" techNote="" description="Specified required or preferred (depending on the value of gridreq) horizontal grid. Options: native (for model grid), 1deg, 2deg, 8 to 25km (8km preferred, less than 25km required), 5 to 25km (5km preferred, less than 25km required), blank (no prerefence).  " uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.grid" superclass="" required="true"/>
116  <rowAttribute label="gridreq" type="xs:string" title="Grid option constraints" useClass="" techNote="" description="Is the grid specified by the grid attribute optional (yes) or (no), conditionally (no*1 -- used for ocean data, when native is required only from models using a regular grid)" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.gridreq" superclass="" required="true"/>
117  <rowAttribute label="comment" type="xs:string" title="Comment" useClass="" techNote="" description="Comment on the requestLink record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.comment" superclass="" required="true"/>
118  <rowAttribute label="ref" type="xs:string" title="Reference" useClass="" techNote="" description="Not used." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.ref" superclass="" required="false"/>
119  <rowAttribute label="refNote" type="xs:string" title="Note on reference" useClass="" techNote="" description="A comment on the provenance of the record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.refNote" superclass="" required="false"/>
120  <rowAttribute label="refid" type="xs:string" title="Reference to a request Variable Group" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to the requestVarGroup record defining the variables associated with this requestLink." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.refid" superclass="" required="true"/>
121  <rowAttribute label="opt" type="xs:string" title="Option for selecting a subset of variables" useClass="" techNote="" description="Option for specifying that only a subset of the variables specified in the requestVarGroup should be used. This option is designed to enable the re-use of groups when an easily identified subset of an existing group is wanted. Forreen completed at the request compilation stage. If 'prioirty' is specified, then only variables with priority less than the value specified by 'opar' should be used." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.opt" superclass="" required="true"/>
122  <rowAttribute label="opar" type="xs:string" title="parameter associated with *opt*" useClass="" techNote="" description="Parameter associated with 'opar'. If 'opar' is 'priority' it should be set to '1', '2', or '3'." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestLink.opar" superclass="" required="true"/>
124<table label="tableSection" uid="SECTION:tableSection" title="3.4 CMOR Table Sections" id="tbs" itemLabelMode="def" level="1" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="Section of a MIP tables">
125  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.label" required="True"/>
126  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.title" required="True"/>
127  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
128  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
129  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
130  <rowAttribute label="gpid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for CMOR Tables" useClass="internalLink" techNote="mipTable" description="Link to a record defining a CMOR table." uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.gpid" superclass="" required="true"/>
131  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="Project" useClass="" techNote="" description="Redundant. Specification of a MIP." uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
132  <rowAttribute label="ref" type="xs:string" title="Reference" useClass="" techNote="" description="Comment on provenance." uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.ref" superclass="" required="false"/>
133  <rowAttribute label="refNote" type="xs:string" title="Note on reference" useClass="" techNote="" description="Further information on provenance." uid="ATTRIBUTE::tableSection.refNote" superclass="" required="false"/>
135<table label="modelConfig" uid="SECTION:modelConfig" title="3.5 Model configuration options" id="mcfg" itemLabelMode="an" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Configuration options for models">
136  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.label" required="True"/>
137  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.title" required="True"/>
138  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
139  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
140  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
141  <rowAttribute label="MIPs" type="xs:string" title="MIPs which make use of this feature" useClass="" techNote="" description="List of MIPs using this option." uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.MIPs" superclass="" required="true"/>
142  <rowAttribute label="usage" type="xs:string" title="How the feature is relevant to the data request" useClass="" techNote="" description="Usage notes." uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.usage" superclass="" required="true"/>
143  <rowAttribute label="type" type="aa:st__configurationType" title="Type of model" useClass="" techNote="" description="A categorisation of model configuration options: capability (indicating whether a model has a specific capability); size (indicating a size, such as number of grid points); category (inidcating a type of model);  ioOption (indicating a choice taken regarding IO)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.type" superclass="" required="true"/>
144  <rowAttribute label="range" type="xs:string" title="Range of valid values, e.g. xs:boolean" useClass="" techNote="" description="Specification of the value type, e.g. 'xs:boolean'." uid="ATTRIBUTE::modelConfig.range" superclass="" required="true"/>
146<table label="varChoiceLinkC" uid="SECTION:varChoiceLinkC" title="3.6 Links a variable to a choice element" id="vclc" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Link between a variable choice element and variables">
147  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.label" required="True"/>
148  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.title" required="True"/>
149  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
150  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
151  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
152  <rowAttribute label="vid" type="xs:string" title="Variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a variable which should be treated as requested if the configuration option is appropriately set." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.vid" superclass="" required="true"/>
153  <rowAttribute label="cfgid" type="xs:string" title="Configuration Option" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="A link to a record defining a model configuration options. Configuration options should be defined so that they are either True of False when a model is configured for execution. E.g. does the model have a Boussinesq ocean?" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.cfgid" superclass="" required="true"/>
154  <rowAttribute label="cfg" type="xs:boolean" title="Configuration Value" useClass="" techNote="" description="Gives the configuration option value for which the variable linked from thos record should be used." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.cfg" superclass="" required="true"/>
155  <rowAttribute label="cid" type="xs:string" title="Choice -- can provide a link to related variables" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record which  identifies the collection of related variables associated with this configuration option." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkC.cid" superclass="" required="true"/>
157<table label="objectiveLink" uid="SECTION:objectiveLink" title="3.7 Link between scientific objectives and requests" id="objl" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="Each objective link record joins one objective to one request link. Some requests are linked to multiple objectives and most objectives are linked to multiple requests. ">
158  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.label" required="True"/>
159  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.title" required="True"/>
160  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
161  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
162  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
163  <rowAttribute label="oid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for a scientific objective" useClass="internalLink" techNote="objective" description="Link to record defining an objective." uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.oid" superclass="" required="true"/>
164  <rowAttribute label="rid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for a request link" useClass="internalLink" techNote="requestLink" description="Link to a record defining a requestLink." uid="ATTRIBUTE::objectiveLink.rid" superclass="" required="true"/>
166<table label="remarks" uid="SECTION:remarks" title="3.8 Remarks about other items" id="rmk" itemLabelMode="def" level="10" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The remarks section contains additional comments about other records. It can be used to add detail without adding to the complexity of the other sections.">
167  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.label" required="True"/>
168  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.title" required="True"/>
169  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
170  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
171  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
172  <rowAttribute label="tid" type="xs:string" title="Target identifier: the record ID of the item this refers to." useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record which this remark relates to." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.tid" superclass="" required="false"/>
173  <rowAttribute label="tattr" type="xs:string" title="Target attribute: an attribute of the target item, or 'ALL'" useClass="" techNote="" description="This attribute may be used to identify a specific attribute on the record identified by tid." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.tattr" superclass="" required="true"/>
174  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Free text remarks -- unless there are specific restrictions associated with the class attribute of this remark" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
175  <rowAttribute label="class" type="xs:string" title="Class categorisation of remarks" useClass="" techNote="" description="Different classes of remark support a range of specialised usages: free (a free text comment), modelTypeReq (a model type requirement), modelTypeExcl (a model type exclusion), varAlt (an alternative variable that my be used instead of this one), varSup (an alternative variable which, if selected makes this one redundant), attChange (a change in the value of an attribute -- old value provided in 'techNote')." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.class" superclass="" required="true"/>
176  <rowAttribute label="qid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier linking to a related record." useClass="" techNote="" description="Identifier required for classes modelTypeReq, modelTypeExcl, varAlt, varSup. For the first two classes, the identifier points to a model type specification, for the last two it points to an output variable specification." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.qid" superclass="" required="false"/>
177  <rowAttribute label="techNote" type="xs:string" title="Optional additional machine readable content (though not restricted by the schema)" useClass="" techNote="" description="Intended for machine readable content." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.techNote" superclass="" required="false"/>
178  <rowAttribute label="prov" type="xs:string" title="Provenance" useClass="" techNote="" description="Information about the provenance of this record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::remarks.prov" superclass="" required="true"/>
180<table label="experiment" uid="SECTION:experiment" title="1.5 Experiments" id="exp" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The experiment record contains the key information from the 'Experiment' sheet of the request template, including the tier of the experiment, the duration and start and end dates.">
181  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.label" required="True"/>
182  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.title" required="True"/>
183  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
184  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
185  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
186  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="freeText" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
187  <rowAttribute label="egid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for experiment group" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to the exptgroup record associated with this experiment. Each experiment belongs to one experiment group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.egid" superclass="" required="true"/>
188  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="MIP defining experiment" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record defining the primary Model Intercomparison Project responsible for the definition of this experiment." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
189  <rowAttribute label="mcfg" type="xs:string" title="Model Source Types" useClass="" techNote="" description="Specifies the model source types which are required/allowed for this experiment (see Syntax is a space separated list of required source types, follwed by a | and a space separated list of additional allowed source types." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.mcfg" superclass="" required="true"/>
190  <rowAttribute label="tier" type="aa:st__integerListMonInc" title="Tier of Experiment" useClass="" techNote="" description="Experiments are assigned a tier by the MIP specifying the tier, tier 1 experiments being the most important." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.tier" superclass="" usage="Must be a list of the same length as ensz." required="true"/>
191  <rowAttribute label="nstart" type="xs:integer" title="Number of Start Dates" useClass="" techNote="" description="For experiments with multiple start times, this gives the number of start times requested. Set to '1' otherwise." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.nstart" superclass="" required="true"/>
192  <rowAttribute label="starty" type="xs:string" title="Start year" useClass="" techNote="" description="Start year specified for the experiment. This is a string. Fit may contain a year or an explanation which makes reference to another experiment, e.g. 'Year 111 of abrupt4xCO2'." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.starty" superclass="" required="true"/>
193  <rowAttribute label="endy" type="xs:string" title="End year" useClass="" techNote="" description="End year specified for the experiment. This is a string. Fit may contain a year or an explanation which makes reference to another experiment, e.g. 'Year 140 of abrupt4xCO2'." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.endy" superclass="" required="true"/>
194  <rowAttribute label="yps" type="xs:integer" title="Years per Simulation Including all Start Years" useClass="" techNote="" description="The number of years per simulation, including all start years. Equal to ES-DOC min_number_yrs_per_sim times nstart." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.yps" superclass="" required="true"/>
195  <rowAttribute label="ensz" type="aa:st__integerListMonInc" title="Ensemble size" useClass="" techNote="" description="Default ensemble size, excluding multiple start times. Total number of model executions will be nstart time ensz. Note that some MIPs may request data from more than the default ensemble size." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.ensz" superclass="" required="true"/>
196  <rowAttribute label="ntot" type="xs:integer" title="Total number of years" useClass="" techNote="" description="Depricated. Initially used as an estimate of number of years." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.ntot" superclass="" required="true"/>
197  <rowAttribute label="comment" type="xs:string" title="Comment" useClass="" techNote="" description="Additional information about this experiment group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::experiment.comment" superclass="" required="true"/>
199<table label="requestVar" uid="SECTION:requestVar" title="1.4 Request variable (carrying priority and link to group)" id="rqv" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="The request variable is now a short record which combines a CMOR variable with a priority and assigns it to a request group.">
200  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.label" required="True"/>
201  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.title" required="True"/>
202  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
203  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
204  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
205  <rowAttribute label="priority" type="xs:integer" title="Variable priority" useClass="" techNote="" description="The priority of the variable (1: high, 2: medium or 3: low). An indication of the importance of the variable for the science team requesting it." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.priority" superclass="" required="true"/>
206  <rowAttribute label="vid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for MIP Output Variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="ovar" description="Link to a CMORvar record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.vid" superclass="" required="true"/>
207  <rowAttribute label="vgid" type="xs:string" title="Identifier for Variable Group" useClass="internalLink" techNote="requestVarGroup" description="Link to a requestVarGroup record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.vgid" superclass="" required="true"/>
208  <rowAttribute label="mip" type="xs:string" title="Endorsed MIP" useClass="" techNote="" description="Name of the Model Intercomparison Project requesting this variable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::requestVar.mip" superclass="" required="true"/>
210<table label="standardname" uid="SECTION:standardname" title="1.8 CF Standard Names" id="sn" itemLabelMode="an" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="CF Standard Names (copied into data request to facilitate validation, particularly validation of consistency of definition in the CF standard with usage in the data request).">
211  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.label" required="True"/>
212  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.title" required="True"/>
213  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
214  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
215  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="CF Standard Name" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
216  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Record Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
217  <rowAttribute label="units" type="xs:string" title="Canonical Units" useClass="" techNote="" description="The canonical units provide reference unit of measure. Any variable using the standard name should us units which conform with the canonical units. For example, if the canonical units are 'm' (metres) then 'km' (kilometres) would be valid variable units." uid="ATTRIBUTE::standardname.units" superclass="" required="true"/>
219<table label="varChoiceLinkR" uid="SECTION:varChoiceLinkR" title="3.9 Links a variable to a choice element" id="vclr" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Link between a variable choice element and variables">
220  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.label" required="True"/>
221  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.title" required="True"/>
222  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
223  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
224  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
225  <rowAttribute label="vid" type="xs:string" title="Variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record defining a variable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.vid" superclass="" required="true"/>
226  <rowAttribute label="cid" type="xs:string" title="Choice" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record identifying a choice group." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.cid" superclass="" required="true"/>
227  <rowAttribute label="rank" type="xs:integer" title="For ranked choices, the rank of this variable (higher rank makes lower ranks redundant)" useClass="" techNote="" description="Integer specifying the rank of the variable identified by vid. If multiple variables in the the choice group are requested, only the highest ranking variable needs to be provided." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoiceLinkR.rank" superclass="" required="true"/>
229<table label="var" uid="SECTION:var" title="1.2 MIP Variable" id="var" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="No" description="Each MIP variable record defines a MIP variable name, associated with a CF Standard Name.">
230  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.label" required="True"/>
231  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.title" required="True"/>
232  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Variable Name" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.label" superclass="skos:prefLabel" usage="A short name for the variable, consistent, where possible, with names of related variables." required="true"/>
233  <rowAttribute label="sn" type="xs:string" title="CF Standard Name" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="The CF Standard Name is part of an extensive vocabulary maintained within the CF Convention." uid="" superclass="" usage="The CF Standard Name must be approved and published in the CF Convention" required="true"/>
234  <rowAttribute label="units" type="xs:string" title="Units of Measure" useClass="" techNote="" description="The units in which the variable is to be measured, as a short text string. They must conform with the canonical units of the CF Standard Name. A link to a record describing the units in more detail is given be the unid attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.units" superclass="" usage="Units " required="true"/>
235  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Record Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.description" superclass="dc:description" required="true"/>
236  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Long name" useClass="" techNote="" description="This value is used as the long_name variable attribute in the NetCDF files. It should conform to the data request style guide for titles. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.title" superclass="dc:title" usage="A short phrase to be used in the long_name NetCDF variable attribute" required="true"/>
237  <rowAttribute label="procnote" type="aa:st__stringList" title="Processing Notes" useClass="list" techNote="" description="Space separated list of keywords." uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.procnote" superclass="" required="true"/>
238  <rowAttribute label="procComment" type="xs:string" title="Processing Comments" useClass="freeText" techNote="" description="Free text comment about processing of the variable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.procComment" superclass="" required="true"/>
239  <rowAttribute label="prov" type="xs:string" title="Notes on Provenance of Variable Specifications" useClass="freeText" techNote="" description="Information on the provenance of the specification of this variables." uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.prov" superclass="" required="true"/>
240  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
241  <rowAttribute label="provmip" type="xs:string" title="MIP Defining this Variable" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="The MIP responsible for the original definition of this quantity" uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.provmip" superclass="" required="true"/>
242  <rowAttribute label="unid" type="xs:string" title="Link to Units section" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a unit description record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::var.unid" superclass="" required="true"/>
244<table label="mip" uid="SECTION:mip" title="1.1 Model Intercomparison Project" id="mip" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Model Intercomparison Project">
245  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.label" required="True"/>
246  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.title" required="True"/>
247  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="MIP short name" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
248  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="MIP title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
249  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
250  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description of the Model Intercomparison Project" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.description" superclass="" required="false"/>
251  <rowAttribute label="url" type="xs:string" title="Project Home Page" useClass="externalUrl" techNote="" description="Link to external site" uid="ATTRIBUTE::mip.url" superclass="xlink:href" required="true"/>
253<table label="varChoice" uid="SECTION:varChoice" title="3.10 Indicates variables for which a there is a range of potential CMOR Variables" id="vc" itemLabelMode="def" level="0" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="There are several instances where variables defined in the tables are mutually exclusive options of which only one should be requested. The varChoice section is designed to hold this information, but is not yet complete. Examples are between ocean cell volume on a fixed grid for some models and monthly means for others, or between 6 hourly pressure level data on 8 levels vs. 4 levels for different objectives in the HighResMIP request. If the choiceClass in ConfigurationOptionSet the record should be linked to by one or more varChoiceLinkC records. If the choiceClass is RedundancySet the record should be linked to by one or more varChoiceLinkR records.">
254  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.label" required="True"/>
255  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.title" required="True"/>
256  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
257  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
258  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
259  <rowAttribute label="choiceClass" type="xs:string" title="Class of choice: heirarchy|cfg" useClass="" techNote="" description="Specifies which class of choice this is. 'ConfigurationOptionSet' (a set of variables for which the choice depends on some aspect of model configuration) or 'RedundancySet' (a set of variables which have some mutual redundancy, such as having overlapping sets of pressure levels)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.choiceClass" superclass="" required="true"/>
260  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Record description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
261  <rowAttribute label="varList" type="xs:string" title="A colon separated list of variable names" useClass="" techNote="" description="A list of the labels of the variables associated with this choice." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.varList" superclass="" required="true"/>
262  <rowAttribute label="optionList" type="xs:string" title="A list of options, one for each variable" useClass="" techNote="" description="Redundant attribute: instructions are taken from rank attribute of varChoiceLinkR records." uid="ATTRIBUTE::varChoice.optionList" superclass="" required="true"/>
264<table label="temporalShape" uid="SECTION:temporalShape" title="2.2 Temporal dimension" id="ts" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="The temporal shape record contains the temporal dimensions.">
265  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.label" required="True"/>
266  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.title" required="True"/>
267  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.label" superclass="skos:prefLabel" required="true"/>
268  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.title" superclass="dc:title" required="true"/>
269  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
270  <rowAttribute label="dimid" type="xs:string" title="Identifiers for record in grids section" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="List of links to dimensions specified by records in the grids section." uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.dimid" superclass="" required="false"/>
271  <rowAttribute label="dimensions" type="xs:string" title="Dimensions" useClass="" techNote="" description="List of the labels of dimension attributes (redundant with dimids)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.dimensions" superclass="" required="true"/>
272  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::temporalShape.description" superclass="dc:description" required="false"/>
274<table label="structure" uid="SECTION:structure" title="2.3 Dimensions and related information" id="str" itemLabelMode="def" level="3" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="The structure record combines specification of dimensions, cell_measures and cell_methods attributes. Spatial and temporal dimensions are specified through links to 'spatialshape' and 'temporalshape' records.">
275  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.label" required="True"/>
276  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.title" required="True"/>
277  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.label" superclass="skos:prefLabel" required="true"/>
278  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.title" superclass="dc:title" required="true"/>
279  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
280  <rowAttribute label="spid" type="xs:string" title="Spatial Shape" useClass="internalLink" techNote="spatialShape" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.spid" superclass="" required="true"/>
281  <rowAttribute label="tmid" type="xs:string" title="Temporal Shape" useClass="internalLink" techNote="temporalShape" description="Link to a temporalShape record, defining the temporal dimensions." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.tmid" superclass="" required="true"/>
282  <rowAttribute label="odims" type="xs:string" title="Other Dimensions" useClass="" techNote="" description="Dimensions other than temporal and spatial dimensions (redundant with dids)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.odims" superclass="" required="false"/>
283  <rowAttribute label="dids" type="aa:st__stringList" title="Identifiers for records in grids section for dimensions" useClass="internalLinkList" techNote="" description="List of links to the records defining dimensions other than spatial and temporal dimensions." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.dids" superclass="" required="false"/>
284  <rowAttribute label="coords" type="xs:string" title="Coordinates" useClass="" techNote="" description="List of labels of coordinates. Redundant with cids." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.coords" superclass="" required="false"/>
285  <rowAttribute label="cids" type="aa:st__stringList" title="Identifiers for records in grids section for coordinates" useClass="internalLinkList" techNote="" description="List of links to the records defining coordinates (dimensions referenced from the variable coordinates attribute)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.cids" superclass="" required="false"/>
286  <rowAttribute label="cell_methods" type="xs:string" title="Cell Methods" useClass="" techNote="" description="Text for the NetCDF cell_methods attribute: describes processing used to generate the data values (redundant with cmid)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.cell_methods" superclass="" required="true"/>
287  <rowAttribute label="cell_measures" type="xs:string" title="Cell Measures" useClass="" techNote="" description="This can be either a string value for inclusion in the NetCDF variable attribute cell_measures, or a directive. In the latter case it will be a single word, --OPT or --MODEL. The first of these indicates that the data may be provided either on the cell centres or on the cell boundaries. --MODEL indicates that the data should be provided at the cell locations used for that variable in the model code (e.g. cell vertices)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.cell_measures" superclass="" required="true"/>
288  <rowAttribute label="flag_values" type="xs:string" title="Flag Values" useClass="" techNote="" description="If present, specifies values to be inlcuded in the 'flag_values' attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.flag_values" superclass="" required="true"/>
289  <rowAttribute label="flag_meanings" type="xs:string" title="FLag Meanings" useClass="" techNote="" description="If present, specifies values to be inlcuded in the 'flag_meanings' attribute." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.flag_meanings" superclass="" required="true"/>
290  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.description" superclass="dc:description" required="true"/>
291  <rowAttribute label="procNote" type="xs:string" title="Processing Note" useClass="" techNote="" description="This is used to specify the category of structure. One of: areaType, areaTypeP, glsl, glslp, glslo, gm, h2mcm, misc, oneLevel, xyz, icesheet, xyzplus, zonaletc." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.procNote" superclass="" required="true"/>
292  <rowAttribute label="prov" type="xs:string" title="Provenance" useClass="" techNote="" description="Information about the origins of this record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.prov" superclass="" required="true"/>
293  <rowAttribute label="cmid" type="xs:string" title="Link to Cell Methods Record" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a cell methods record." uid="ATTRIBUTE::structure.cmid" superclass="" required="true"/>
295<table label="grids" uid="SECTION:grids" title="1.7 Specification of dimensions" id="grd" itemLabelMode="def" level="4" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Dimensions used by variables in the data request">
296  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.label" required="True"/>
297  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.title" required="True"/>
298  <rowAttribute label="tables" type="xs:string" title="CMOR table(s)" useClass="" techNote="" description="List of tables which make use of this dimension" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.tables" superclass="" required="true"/>
299  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
300  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="CMOR dimension" useClass="" techNote="" description="Unique label" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.label" superclass="skos:prefLabel" required="true"/>
301  <rowAttribute label="altLabel" type="xs:string" title="output dimension name" useClass="" techNote="" description="Name used for the dimension in NetCDF files" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.altLabel" superclass="skos:altLabel" required="true"/>
302  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.description" superclass="dc:description" required="true"/>
303  <rowAttribute label="standardName" type="xs:string" title="standard name" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Standard Name from the CF Conventions, used for the standard_name attribute of the axis variable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.standardName" superclass="" required="false"/>
304  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="long name" useClass="" techNote="" description="Used for the variable long_name attribute" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.title" superclass="dc:title" required="true"/>
305  <rowAttribute label="axis" type="xs:string" title="axis" useClass="" techNote="" description="For spatial or temporal dimensions, set to X, Y, Z or T." uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.axis" superclass="" required="true"/>
306  <rowAttribute label="units" type="xs:string" title="units" useClass="" techNote="" description="Units of measure used for the axis data variable." uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.units" superclass="" required="true"/>
307  <rowAttribute label="isIndex" type="xs:string" title="index axis?" useClass="" techNote="" description="Set to 'OK' if the axis is an index axis with no coordinate values. Used, for example, for the generic vertical coordinates in the atmosphere, 'alev'." uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.isIndex" superclass="" required="true"/>
308  <rowAttribute label="coords" type="xs:string" title="coords_attrib" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.coords" superclass="" required="true"/>
309  <rowAttribute label="bounds" type="xs:string" title="bounds?" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.bounds" superclass="" required="true"/>
310  <rowAttribute label="direction" type="xs:string" title="stored direction" useClass="" techNote="" description="decreasing, increasing or empty" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.direction" superclass="" required="true"/>
311  <rowAttribute label="valid_min" type="xs:float" title="valid_min" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.valid_min" superclass="" required="false"/>
312  <rowAttribute label="valid_max" type="xs:float" title="valid_max" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.valid_max" superclass="" required="false"/>
313  <rowAttribute label="type" type="aa:st__fortranType" title="type" useClass="" techNote="" description="Data type is specified using Fortran code words: character, double, integer, real " uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.type" superclass="" required="true"/>
314  <rowAttribute label="positive" type="xs:string" title="positive" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.positive" superclass="" required="true"/>
315  <rowAttribute label="value" type="xs:string" title="value of a scalar coordinate" useClass="" techNote="" description="This attribute is only for scalar coordinates. Otherwise use *requested*" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.value" superclass="" required="true"/>
316  <rowAttribute label="boundsValues" type="xs:string" title="bounds _values" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.boundsValues" superclass="" required="true"/>
317  <rowAttribute label="requested" type="xs:string" title="requested" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.requested" superclass="" required="true"/>
318  <rowAttribute label="boundsRequested" type="aa:st__floatList" title="bounds_ requested" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.boundsRequested" superclass="" required="false"/>
319  <rowAttribute label="tolRequested" type="xs:string" title="tol_on_requests: variance from requested values that is tolerated" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.tolRequested" superclass="" required="true"/>
320  <rowAttribute label="isGrid" type="xs:string" title="grid?" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::grids.isGrid" superclass="" required="true"/>
322<table label="timeSlice" uid="SECTION:timeSlice" title="3.11 Time Slices for Output Requests" id="tsl" itemLabelMode="def" level="4" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Time slices are used in some cases where some diagnostics required only for a subset of the years computed.">
323  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.label" required="True"/>
324  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.title" required="True"/>
325  <rowAttribute label="type" type="aa:st__sliceType" title="Type of time slice" useClass="" techNote="" description="This is a string indicating how the year selection is described: 'simpleRange' is a single span of years indicated by a start and duration; 'yearList' is a collection of single years indicated by a start, number of years and a step; 'sliceList' is a list of multi-year time slices, indicated by a start year, a slice length, a total number of years (which must be an integer multiple of the slice length) and a step between slice starts; 'dayList' specifies a list of days as y/m/d triples; 'monthlyClimatology' implies 12 monthly values averaged over a specified range of years; 'relativeRange' specifies a range of years relative to the start of the simulation; 'branchedYears' specifies a list of years relative to a time in a branched experiment (can also be used for a climatology); 'siblingBranchClimatology' refers to a slice tied to years in another experiment branched from the same parent .. usually historical; 'monthlyClimatologyFinal' refers to a climatology over a final range of years (start and end should be blank)." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.type" superclass="" required="true"/>
326  <rowAttribute label="start" type="xs:integer" title="Start year" useClass="" techNote="" description="First year of the time slice. Blank if a startList is given." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.start" superclass="" required="false"/>
327  <rowAttribute label="end" type="xs:integer" title="End year" useClass="" techNote="" description="Last year of the time slice. Blank if a startList is given." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.end" superclass="" required="false"/>
328  <rowAttribute label="step" type="xs:float" title="Step (years)" useClass="" techNote="" description="The step, in years, between different years in a 'yearList' or different start years in a 'sliceList' or 'sliceListExt'. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.step" superclass="" required="false"/>
329  <rowAttribute label="sliceLen" type="xs:integer" title="Length of slice" useClass="" techNote="" description="Length of slice if less than the full range from start to end. Units specified by 'sliceLenUnit' if present, otherwise in years. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.sliceLen" superclass="" required="false"/>
330  <rowAttribute label="nyears" type="xs:float" title="Total number of years" useClass="" techNote="" description="Total number of years. Leave blank for dayList. For sliceList, the number of discrete slices is given by nyears divided by sliceLen. Otherwise, nyears should be equal to start minus end plus one." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.nyears" superclass="" required="false"/>
331  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Unique identifier" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
332  <rowAttribute label="startList" type="aa:st__integerList" title="Optional list of start times." useClass="" techNote="" description="If type is 'dayList', then a list of (year,month,day) triples can be specified. E.g. '1850 1 1 1850 4 1' for first January and April 1850. If this value is given, start and end attributes should be empty. " uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.startList" superclass="" required="false"/>
333  <rowAttribute label="sliceLenUnit" type="xs:string" title="Units of slice length" useClass="" techNote="" description="The units used to specify the slice length. Set to years if left blank." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.sliceLenUnit" superclass="" required="false"/>
334  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.description" superclass="" required="false"/>
335  <rowAttribute label="child" type="xs:string" title="Child experiment" useClass="" techNote="" description="For type branchOffsetRange, the child attribute carries the name of the experiment which is branched. The time range is then specified in terms of the years in the child experiment." uid="ATTRIBUTE::timeSlice.child" superclass="" required="false"/>
337<table label="cellMethods" uid="SECTION:cellMethods" title="7.1 Cell Methods" id="cmth" itemLabelMode="def" level="6" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Description of cell methods entries">
338  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.label" required="True"/>
339  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.title" required="True"/>
340  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
341  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
342  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Record Identifier" useClass="recordId" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
343  <rowAttribute label="cell_methods" type="xs:string" title="Cell Methods String" useClass="" techNote="" description="The string to be used in the NetCDF cell_methods attribute" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.cell_methods" superclass="" required="true"/>
344  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Record Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::cellMethods.description" superclass="" required="false"/>
346<annextable label="tags" uid="SECTION:_tags" title="6.1 Tags" id="tag" itemLabelMode="def" level="6" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="A set of labels which can be used to tag variables.">
347  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.label" required="True"/>
348  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.title" required="True"/>
349  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
350  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
351  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
352  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Identifier" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_tags.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
354<annextable label="varRelations" uid="SECTION:_varRelations" title="6.2 Relationships between CMOR variables" id="vrln" itemLabelMode="und" level="6" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Defines relationships between variables which have a common short name (label).">
355  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.label" required="True"/>
356  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.title" required="True"/>
357  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
358  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
359  <rowAttribute label="description" type="xs:string" title="Description" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.description" superclass="" required="true"/>
360  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Identifier" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
361  <rowAttribute label="relation" type="xs:string" title="Relationship" useClass="" techNote="" description="Keyword identifying the relationship (e.g. 'masking', 'vertical', 'time-mean')" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelations.relation" superclass="" required="true"/>
363<annextable label="varRelLnk" uid="SECTION:_varRelLnk" title="6.3 CMOR Variable Relation Links" id="vrln" itemLabelMode="und" level="6" maxOccurs="1" labUnique="Yes" description="Makes the link between CMOR Variable Relations and the variable records.">
364  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Record Label" description="Mnemonic label for record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.label" required="True"/>
365  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Record Title" description="Title of record" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.title" required="True"/>
366  <rowAttribute label="label" type="xs:string" title="Label" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.label" superclass="" required="true"/>
367  <rowAttribute label="title" type="xs:string" title="Title" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.title" superclass="" required="true"/>
368  <rowAttribute label="uid" type="aa:st__uid" title="Identifier" useClass="" techNote="" description="" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.uid" superclass="" required="true"/>
369  <rowAttribute label="rlid" type="xs:string" title="Relationship" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to a record defining a relationship" uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.rlid" superclass="" required="true"/>
370  <rowAttribute label="rid" type="xs:string" title="Record" useClass="internalLink" techNote="" description="Link to one of the records associated with the rlid relationship." uid="ATTRIBUTE::_varRelLnk.rid" superclass="" required="true"/>
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