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2vocab var; MIP Variable; cmip.drv.001; def
3 - sn {CF Standard Name} <externalTextRef>; units {Units}; description;
4 - procnote {Processing notes} <list>
5 - procComment {Processing comments} <freeText>
6 - prov {Provenance} <freeText>
7 - uuid <recordId>
8##  label==var
9vocab ovar; MIP Output Variable; cmip.drv.001; def
10 - uuid <recordId>
11 - title {Long name}
12 - comment {Description} <freeText>
13 - deflate_level; shuffle; ok_max_mean_abs; flag_meanings; type; ok_min_mean_abs;
14 - sn {CF Standard Name} <externalTextRef>
15 - deflate; valid_min; cell_methods; flag_values; cell_measures; out_name; modeling_realm; units; cell_methods_xx; valid_max; positive; mipTable; dimensions;
16 - vid {Identifier for MIP Variable} <internalLink|var>
17 - frequency {Frequency}  <drsVocab>
19vocab groupItem; Output Group Item; cmip.drv.001; def
20 - group;  table; freq; descriptionEx; shape; levels; tstyle; mask; misc; mip; uuid <recordId>; new;
21 - gpid {Identifier for request link} <internalLink>; vkey;
22 - vid {Identifier for MIP Variable} <internalLink|var>
24vocab revisedTabItem; Revised Table Item; cmip.drv.001; def
25 - table
26 - mip {Endorsed MIP requesting the variable}
27 - uuid <recordId>; priority;
28 - vid {Identifier for MIP Output Variable} <internalLink|ovar>
29 - vgid {Identifier for Variable Group} <internalLink|requestVarGroup>
31vocab requestVarGroup; Request link: linking a set of variables; cmip.drv.001; def
32 - uuid <recordId>
33 - mip {Endorsed MIP requesting the data}
34 - ref; refNote
35vocab requestLink; Request link: linking a set of variables and a set of experiments.; cmip.drv.001; def
36 - uuid <recordId>; mip; tab; objective; grid; gridreq; comment; ref; refNote;
37 - refid {reference to a request Variable Group} <internalLink>
38vocab requestItem; Request Item: specifying the number of years for an experiment; cmip.drv.001; def
39 - uuid <recordId>; mip; tab; expt;
40 - rlid {Identifier of corresponding requestLink} <internalLink>
41 - ny [xs:integer]
42vocab remarks; Remarks about other items; cmip.drv.001; def
43 - uuid <recordId>;
44 - tid  {Target identifier: the record ID of the item this refers to.} <internalLink>
45 - tattr {Target attribute: an attribute of the target item, or 'ALL'}
46 - description {Free text remarks -- unless there are specific restrictions associated with the class attribute of this remark}
47 - class {Different classes of remark support a range of specialised usages: free (a free text comment), modelTypeReq (a model type requirement), modelTypeExcl (a model type exclusion), varAlt (an alternative variable that my be used instead of this one), varSup (an alternative variable which, if selected makes this one redundant), attChange (a change in the value of an attribute -- old value provided in 'techNote').}
48 - qid {Identifier required for classes modelTypeReq, modelTypeExcl, varAlt, varSup. For the first two classes, the identifier points to a model type specification, for the last two it points to an output variable specification.}
49 - techNote {Optional additional machine readable content (though not restricted by the schema)}
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