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added checks on ESA-CCI cdm_data_type and duration attributes

3batch  aa001
5Conventions   CF-1.6
6creation_date   19th JUly, 2014
[269]7experiment_id   decadal
[112]8forecast_reference_time   0001
9frequency  day
[114]10institution  ECMWF
[269]11institute_id ECMWF
[112]12initialization_method  1
13initialization_description  first
14model_id  EC-EARTH
15associated_model  None
16modeling_realm   atmos
17physics_version   1
18physics_description  first
19project_id  SPECS
20realization  1
21source   misc
[269]22table_id  Table Omon aghhajakakka
[112]23title   sample
24tracking_id 1093890138391
25series @int 1
[269]26associated_experiment  N/A
27startdate  S199010101
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