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added checks on ESA-CCI cdm_data_type and duration attributes

3title (succinct description of the dataset)
4institution Aristotle University of Thessalonikii
5source (original data source(s), e.g. MERIS RR L1B version 4.02) Multiple source datasets separated by commas.
6history (processing history of dataset)
7references (references to algorithm, ATBD, technical note describing dataset)
8tracking_id (a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) value)
9Conventions  CF-1.6
10product_version (the product version of this data file)
11summary (a paragraph describing the dataset)
12keywords (a comma separated list of key words and phrases)
13id id
14naming_authority (the combination of the naming authority and the id should be a globally unique identifier for the dataset)
15keywords_vocabulary (if you are following a guideline for the words/phrases in your “keywords” attribute, put the name of that guideline here)
16cdm_data_type (the THREDDS data type appropriate for this dataset)
17comment (miscellaneous information about the data)
18date_created (the date on which the data was created)
19creator_name dummy
20creator_url dummy
21creator_email dummy
22project Climate Change Initiative - European Space Agency
23geospatial_lat_min (decimal degrees north, range -90 to +90)
24geospatial_lat_max (decimal degrees north, range -90 to +90)
25geospatial_lon_min (decimal degrees east, range -180 to +180)
26geospatial_lon_max (decimal degrees east, range -180 to +180)
27geospatial_vertical_min (assumed to be in metres above ground unless geospatial_vertical_units attribute defined otherwise)
28geospatial_vertical_max (assumed to be in metres above ground unless geospatial_vertical_units attribute defined otherwise)
29time_coverage_start (format yyyymmddThhmmssZ)
30time_coverage_end (format yyyymmddThhmmssZ)
31time_coverage_duration P1Y
32time_coverage_resolution (should be an ISO8601 duration string)
33standard_name_vocabulary (the name of the controlled vocabulary from which variable standard names are taken)
34license (describe the restrictions to data access and distribution)
35platform Envisat
36sensor AATSR
37spatial_resolution (a string describing the approximate resolution of the product. For example, “1.1km at nadir”)
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