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1# list of RCMModelName values for CORDEX
2# name   institute  status
3AWI-HIRHAM5  DMI confirmed
4CCCma-CanRCM4  CCCma  confirmed
5CHMI-ALADIN52 CHMI confirmed
6CLMcom-CCLM4-8-17  CLMcom  confirmed   
7CNRM-ALADIN52  CNRM  confirmed
8CNRM-ARPEGE52  CNRM  confirmed
9DHMZ-REGCM42 DHMZ confirmed
10DMI-HIRHAM5  DMI confirmed
11KNMI-RACMO21P  KNMI confirmed
12KNMI-RACMO22T  KNMI confirmed
13MOHC-HadGEM3-RA MOHC confirmed
14MOHC-HadRM3P MOHC confirmed
15MPI-CSC-REMO2009 MPI-CSC confirmed
16SMHI-RCA4  SMHI  confirmed
17SMHI-RCA4-SN  SMHI  confirmed
18SMHI-RCAO  SMHI  confirmed
19SMHI-RCAO-SN  SMHI  confirmed
20UCLM-PROMES  UCLM  confirmed 
21UQAM-CRCM5  UQAM confirmed
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