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1REF-C1 Hindcast refC1
2REF-C1SD Hindcast – Specified Dynamics refC1SD
3REF-C2 Projection refC2
4SEN-C1-Emis Hindcast Scenario - altEmis senC1Emis
5SEN-C1SD-Emis HindcastSD Scenario - atlEmis senC1SDEmis
6SEN-C1-fEmis Hindcast Scenario- fxdEmis senC1fEmis
7SEN-C1SD-fEmis HindcastSD Scenario - fxdEmis senC1SDfEmis
8SEN-C1-SSI Hindcast Scenario - altSSI senC1SSI
9SEN-C2-RCP Projection Scenario - RCP2.6 senC2rcp26
10SEN-C2-RCP Projection Scenario - RCP4.5 senC2rcp45
11SEN-C2-RCP Projection Scenario - RCP8.5 senC2rcp85
12SEN-C2-fODS Projection Scenario - fxdODS senC2fODS
13SEN-C2-fODS2000 Projection Scenario - fxdODS2000 senC2fODS2000
14SEN-C2-fGHG Projection Scenario - fxdGHG senC2fGHG
15SEN-C2-fEmis Projection Scenario - fxdEmis senC2fEmis
16SEN-C2-GeoMIP Projection Scenario - GeoMIP-G1 senC2GeoMIPG1
17SEN-C2-GeoMIP Projection Scenario - GeoMIP-G2 senC2GeoMIPG2
18SEN-C2-GeoMIP Projection Scenario - GeoMIP-G3 senC2GeoMIPG3
19SEN-C2-GeoMIP Projection Scenario - GeoMIP-G4 senC2GeoMIPG4
20SEN-C2-SolarTrend Projection Scenario - SolarTrend senC2SlrTrnd
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