COWS Website and Trac

The new COWS website is divided into 2 parts, served on separate servers.

  1.  The COWS website is static HTML generated by the  Sphinx tool.
  2. The COWS Development site is a Trac instance served from BADC's Trac server.

Keeping these two sites in sync is supported with some lightweight tooling and a bit of hand-configuration.

The COWS website

The COWS website is best suited for relatively slowly evolving content about COWS and code documentation. It's easier to write arbitrary HTML content within Sphinx and it has excellent code documenting features.

The sphinx source of the COWS site is available through the Trac code browser here. In order to update the website

  1. checkout the source
  2. edit the *.rst files
  3. do
    $ make html
    This will create the HTML in _build/html.
  4. Upload the html to with
    $ make upload

The COWS Trac

The COWS Trac is a view on the sourcecode of COWS components and is an issue tracker. Wiki pages can be a lot more chaotic than should be allowed on the COWS website and might change rapidly.

The Trac style has been minimally adapted to fit with the COWS website. This involved adapting a minimal portion of the Sphinx haiku theme. Consistent links to both sites are given in the top right.

  • The sphinx template site.html generates a Trac template file suitable for uploading into <trac-instance>/templates.
  • The file trac_haiku.css is a reduced version of the haiku css suitable for including in the Trac.
  • The _build/html/_static directory should be uploaded to <trac-static-loc>/common/haiku_static
  • Some CSS paths will need adjusting.