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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19 WCS support for rotated grids new domlowe defect critical
#21 Improve configuration of COWS assigned domlowe task critical
#38 Download NASA 500m dataset new task critical
#35 COWS WMS databackend for OPeNDAP new feature major
#43 Link WCS Download page to WMSviz new feature major
#44 Financial deliverables new Martin Juckes task major
#50 Dataset Abstract Text in GetCapabilities assigned pnorton feature major
#57 Interface parameters to jump to a dataset/variable/time accepted pnorton feature major
#61 WCS Download button should be disabled when WCS not available assigned pnorton feature major
#63 Time series data plots new feature major
#65 Template Dataset Pages assigned pnorton feature major
#67 Test deployed relase 1 on IE7 new spascoe defect major
#69 WMsviz Layer GetFigure doesn't show zoomed region new spascoe defect major
#75 MOLES record for CRU TMC dataset new task major
#78 Add some help text to the UI new feature major
#86 Enable GetFeatureInfo requests on the UI new pnorton task major
#92 BADC Catalogue integration new feature major
#103 cowsclient isn't working with google-chrome new somebody defect major
#105 GetLegend should become GetLegendGraphic new spascoe defect major
#162 ISIC: No text in About Us page new somebody defect major
#165 ISIC: Severi dataset errors new domlowe defect major
#167 ISIC: handling files with different numbers of timesteps new somebody defect major
#168 ISIC: netcdf 4 support new somebody defect major
#14 [D] WCS 1.0.0+ assigned domlowe task minor
#33 Remove dependencies on prototype.js new pnorton task minor
#34 Change how the dataset name is attached to the layer mapper. new pnorton task minor
#37 Axis Config dropdown should only appear if there is more than one item assigned pnorton task minor
#42 Reduce the label size for contour plots assigned pnorton task minor
#52 TileCache on top of the wms for the different layer new feature minor
#58 Virtual aggregated datasets new spascoe feature minor
#64 Add the Openlayers javascript to the wms_ddc_vis code more elegantly new pnorton task minor
#66 Evaluate the speed of the different layers (coastline/grid/contours) new pnorton task minor
#70 Merge changes to COWS controller back into COWS trunk new spascoe task minor
#76 Climatology bounds interpretation utility new feature minor
#77 Stop the legend image dissapearing when changed new pnorton feature minor
#85 Add a line based legend for contour plots new pnorton feature minor
#87 Wmsviz Make Figure button allows SVN and EPS new defect minor
#104 Inherited BoundingBox elements incompatible with some WMS clients new somebody defect minor
#108 GetMap error: wwf_biodiversity with contour style new somebody defect minor
#112 ISIC: Acronym for legends units. new somebody enhancement minor
#114 ISIC: A different mouse pointer for 'hand' icon functionality new somebody defect minor
#116 ISIC: Contact us page for user feedback. new somebody enhancement minor
#120 ISIC: Usability issue for Legend window. new somebody defect minor
#121 ISIC: Copy right information is not available in the site. assigned domlowe defect minor
#125 ISIC: Error message is not shown for invalid input in Bounding Box new somebody defect minor
#128 ISIC: Time mentioned in dimensions tab does not specify the zone details. new somebody defect minor
#130 ISIC: 'File name prefix' caption is not displayed clearly. new somebody defect minor
#132 ISIC: Dataset name mentioned in Legend window. new somebody defect minor
#140 ISIC: Help menu is not closed when navigate to next tabs. new somebody defect minor
#142 ISIC: Invalid error message shown in Export tab. new somebody defect minor
#144 ISIC: Videos exported in MPEG-2 Video format does not work. assigned rwilkinson defect minor
#158 ISIC: Printable view not available for the webpage. new somebody enhancement minor
#163 ISIC: Blank server error page new dlowe task minor
#56 Switch data without loosing lat/lon selection new feature trivial
#62 Check if a layer is queryable before displaying it in the control new feature trivial
#2 Create CEDA tests for OWSLib assigned domlowe task required
#3 Automatic Generation of KML from CSML WMS new spascoe task required
#13 Cowsclient - legends still visible even when not top layer new pnorton defect required
#17 Support for reprojections in COWS stack (WMS) new spascoe task required
#18 Review and scope out MIDAS WFS work new domlowe task required
#20 COWS test suite new sepascoe required
#22 Make WMS interface pluggable through egg entrypoints new spascoe defect required
#24 [DS][M] Exposing vars to user via CSML and CDML - name plus cell_methods plus coordinate? new domlowe issue required
#28 COWS -threads/processes etc new spascoe defect required
#30 COWS Visualisation needs a logout button new domlowe defect desirable
#31 COWS Visualisation browser compatibility and login new domlowe defect desirable
#32 COWS paster template is broken new spascoe defect desirable
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